Hikari News Network Sports (HNNSports)
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HNN Sports Presents: Dominated Mind Three

We are back and better than ever with this amazing report and full coverage on the Dominated Mind Three tournament! With larger arena space and more challengers this year, this time it will be a knockout!

This just in...

Kyo Kazuki Kusanagi, Shin Ryu Hoshi and Mattaku Yazama just entered, filling the tournament with a 80% Eremento-jin presence. Will Kyo and XFZ face off again? If he survives with our newest competitor...SELENA LIGHTDEMON!!!!

Plus, let's not forget our new challenger, nothing is known about him yet except that he has the balls to enter with such super-powered fighters. Say hello to Atma Dragon!!!

Selena LightDemon: One Hot Babe! ^_^
Headline News: Selena LightDemon VS XFZ Steven Swain

Yes fans of Dominated Mind Three, it has been just reported that XFZ Steven Swain, personally invited Selena Lightdemon to the tournament. Sources say that he invited Selena to have a special match against him to have his own heir to the dojo, neglecting his son in the matter as well! Who knows how will this turn out? Will Yusanki challenge Selena against the wishes of her husband, seeing herself as the owner of the dojo? XFZ personally stated to the press today, "It will be a fine time before I hear someone with a better reputation than I, let alone a woman, best me! I challenge you Selena LightDemon!". Everyone knows Selena's reputation as a fighter. Even the e-jin do and steer clear of her, but he is different, he enjoys the battle. Selena herself has no idea that this is happening behind her back, except for the invitation that she holds. Stay tuned fans, more on this as follows!

-Hiditio Nikaido, Head of the Yagami clan and Leader of the Eremento-jin

What About The Champion?

What do we say about our champion of dominated mind? Nothing, nadda, ziltch, and you wanna know why? He's lost his appeal to the ladies ever since he settled down to a certain Ms. Kurasangi of the Kurasangi dojo and now owns it! Frankly, I must say that we should consider this something that might be good. With the press (us ^_^) off his back, he might even become a better fighter than he was in the last tournament! Now with a child and all, we don't think he's up to scratch to fight her, let alone anyone else. Let's not forget how Kusanagi Kyo almost whupped his ass before he got angry and almost killed him. If he pulls off that homicidal rage this year, he's got a good thing going....

-Hiditio Nikaido, the one who isn't entering since his girlfriend left him for that knight!

Selena Lightdemon? Is Steven Swain-Hikari Mad?

It has been decided that XFZ square off against one of the best RPGers known to man in the Dominated Mind tournament. Sources say that XFZ actually is in love with her and might be just fighting her to see her again. We don't know what his wife might say, but if he's smart, he'll forfeit the fight and just ask her on a date. What we do know is that XFZ is a very experienced fighter when it comes down to it. He has the skill, the agility, the heart and even the looks (choke). What will he do when if he looses?

My bets are on Selena...
-Shin Ryu Hoshi: Winner of Dominated Mind One and Eremento-jin

The Original Bastard of Pain: XFZ Steven Swain
Who do you think will win?

Personally, the whole news team is getting statements from all sorts of people. The E-jin know XFZ to be an amazing fighter, but fear that Selena will humble him. Others think XFZ will show that "bitch" (quote from Yusanki) a thing or too...Send your votes for our poll to Ryu and I with your personal comment. The best one will be posted up on the results page (soon to be up since this is the first news brodcast). Stay tuned and good night...

-Ryu Hoshi and Hiditio Nikaido of HNN