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Why I think Selena LightDemon needs a *real* man

By X-Fusion Zero Steven Swain


I walked into a the LightBlood Taven and Inn during mid-day. You see, I travel a lot since the Kurasangi Dojo is still under repairs. Occasionally, when I get the chance, I see my wife Yusanki and my son. I fell impartial to my family because I'm Saiyan, but since I was raised by "humans" (I use the word loosely), I love them both and keep in contact with them. So, I decided to drop by this bar and stage a meeting with them both. Unfortunately, I forgot that this was Selena's bar and she was my challenge for the Dominated Mind Three tournament. This, of course, meant war between us. First, I heard of her reputation by talking with the head of the Eremento-jin. Hiditio always talked about her during our sparring sessions (heck I even decked him because he was thinking of her). So I figured earlier, "What the hey, if she's good, I'll challenge her!" Thus, I sent off a press release to the HNN, saying that I came out of retirement to open up the Tournament of Dominated Mind. The HNN was all over me, so I decided to write up about it and actually talk to Ms. Bloodtide.

With that in mind, the task was set, to hand her the envelope that stated that she was permitted to join the battle and win a prize, and most of all, my respect. She took the envelope, unknowingly, but I think she knew what the whole ordeal was about. I even tried to fight an Adder to impress her, but that failed badly. Next day, I see Selena and she ignores me the whole deal! I felt so small and angry. I've been known to\ channel this anger in a physical mode that some of my Comrades have termed Super Saiya-jin, but sadly, I let it pass. Then, after she was done (Which brings us back to our story), she looked at me with those baby blues of hers. I almost wanted to die in that manner, I mean, look at her! She's so HOT!!! Maybe I'm rambling here, but you get my point. Besides, my wife is looking over my shoulder. It's time to feed little Toma again. Continuing on, she insulted me, mocked my fighting ability, and attacked me in the same manner. I thought she would have some honour! I should have released all my hidden anger and killed her, but that would be immoral. Besides, it's also against tournament rules. I'm sure she doesn't know that I'm a Shito(A messenger of god/Angel), and it's my duty to kill her, but I know better. I guess I'm a softy that way. I think about her before I got to bed, strange eh? Well wouldn't you? Not really in a wet-dream type of way (bad Hikari), but as a soulmate type of way. Maybe I am in love with her, maybe not, but I can't get off the fact that she's that type of person.

Which brings me to my conclusion. Selena, if we strip down (stop jerking off guys, it's an editorial, not a fantasy letter!) to the bare facts, eye-to-eye. I find nothing that can't be changed about you. Maybe you need a hobby or something else...Maybe a husband! I think a husband is the best for you. Someone you can ease your mind with...I get that same comfort with my wife. Talk to someone, don't just attack them because they rub you the wrong way! Selena, some people admire you for your battle skills... I do as well and I want to...I admit, at least 20% as good as you, but besides all that. There's some people who love her, but are afraid to voice their feelings out without getting killed. I being one of them!

Well, it's time for bed and Yusanki is looking at me funny(I love when she gets that look, kinda like Selena's WTF look). Selena, if you're reading this editorial, I wasn't lying one bit. Just open up and talk to someone... I would talk to you, just don't call me a kid, I'm 1800 years old! I guess I'm either going to get killed or beaten by Selena's followers for this or by Selena herself, but it doesn't matter to me anyways. I believe in freedom of all forms of expression, even violence if necessary. A woman once told me that (I think her name was Xeyli), that "Fighting is worthless unless it has meaning" (don't quote her on this, I drank a Tomweiser before I started writing). I guess I'll leave that for my next editorial, speaking of which, I gotta find that dame.

Peace Out,
X-Fusion Zero Steven Swain
"Possibly Selena's greatest lover?"