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Chapter 1: A "warm" welcome

Hong Kong, China....Noon

There was two figures walking down the busy streets of Hong Kong. Of course in a place like this, who would notice. Except for the watchful eyes of others. People who glean into other people's lives. But who would be watching them.

" Professor.....I've found the target. Keep the Gold team in stand-by" The orders were given out by a muscular man, almost like he was a soldier of fourtune. His eyes glowed a ruby red. Simmering in the sunlight like the red sun. To his friends, he was Scott Summers. To the world...He was Cyclops... A mutant. But why was he here ? and who was the killer ? China...Noon

"Isn't it nice out here Ryu. You can just let yourself loose. It's been a long time since I've been able to do this. What about you ?"


" Ryu Yoshi !! I spend the few moments I have before I have to go to back to interpol with you and the least you can do is listen."

"Chun-Li," Ryu warmly glanced at her and smiled " I'm sorry but I can't get my mind off.."

"Akuma..." Chun-Li finished the sentence for him. She knew that Akuma and Ryu were almost as much rivals as Ken and himself were. But something was different in Akuma. He wanted Ryu at his peek ability. Something Ken never asked for. Chun-Li's reply was simple. She just held his hand and said" I know you want to fight him... But he's gone for good. And I'm here for you now. Just forget about the past like I did." Her smile went to tears "I can understand what you mean by desire to fight. I...I wanted to kill Bison. But I never got the chance do so. He ran away like the coward he was. But my father will be avenged. I swear it."

"Chun-Li...If..If you feel that way. I will stop thinking about Akuma." Ryu was quiet."Wait a second... Did you hear something...."

"I do.." Chun-Li answered. Soon she spotted an alleyway. "Quickly, Ryu ! This way." With no time wasted the couple ran into the side street and took cover.

" Do you want to explain what was the reason we ran, Huh Li."

" You men and your egos. All you want to do is fight."

" Look, all I want to do is fight the guy, go sleep, train. etc. etc."

" There won't have to be a fight if you come along with me."

" May I ask sir. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU ?" Chun-Li was fed up. Her vacation was going to hell and now there was this stranger asking them to go with him.

" The name is Cyclops.. ma'am. Now if you'd just stay calm..."

" Calm my ass." Chun-Li was furious. She was not going to budge anywhere.

" I guess their's no way changing her mind" Ryu started talking."As much as I love her, she can be very stubborn." Ryu blushed at the second he said that. That meant Chun-Li was going to go love crazy on him. "So, what happens if we refuse to go with you ?"

" You'll come with me even if I have to take you by force." Cyclops barked

"You want to fight huh ?" Ryu replied." Be prepared. I'm not going to hold back."

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