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Chapter 2: Strength of the Mighty


It was noisy in the marketplace. But for some strange reason. You could have heard the unconfortable stillness in the air. For most people. They thought it was just another dry day. But to others. It was a battle. A stand-off. Of two of the best fighters in the world. But who would make the first move. Was it the ever-ready Ryu or the mutant champion Cyclops. Which one would attack.

What a waste of time.Chun-Li thought to herself.I had Ryu all to myself. No Sakura running around following us. No Rose popping in and out of nowhere. Not even Ken showing up for a challenge. But now this jerk has to come along and screw everything up. Hastely, Chun-Li pushed Ryu out of the way.

"Hey, watch it Li !" Ryu said harshly. "You're going to get hurt."

"Butt out." She completely changed her focus on Cyclops."You wanted to fight ? O.K, get ready."Chun-Li was almost unstopable. With her stress and anger, she quickly attacked Cyclops with the speed of a crane.

"So is that it ?"Cyclops said as he spat blood from his mouth."Now it's my turn....OPTIC SWEEP !!!" The small, yet powerful, laser blast knocked Chun-Li right under her feet. Chun-Li quickly did a kikupp after her fall.

Chun-Li has not trained for weeks now. Ryu thought. If she isn't careful. She can hurt herself.

"Behold, MEGA OPTIC BLAST !!!" The enormus blast was directly heading for Chun-Li.

"Move damn it, MOVE." Ryu was yelling out loud. But Chun-Li was still recovering from Cyclops' last attack. Ryu had to think quickly. So he ran in front of the blast knocking Chun-Li out of the way."SHINKU-HADOKEN!!!" Why am I attacking this hard against him ? Ryu thought. Is it because...I..No. It can't be.Ryu's ki blast quickly overpowered the attack.

"I underestimated your attack Ryu." Cyclops closed his visor and quickly side-steped the on-coming attack to hit a brick wall. Until next time..

"Ready and waiting, Cyclops."

"Yeah, and next time we won't hold back..."

"Li, are you O.K ?"

"Ryu..."Chun-Li faintly spoke his name. Do you...Do you...Love.....Chun-Li passed out.

I do....Ryu thought. More than you'll ever know.And with that, Ryu carried Chun-Li in his arms.

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