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Chapter 3: Love me well

Evening, san-shi hotel, China

What...Where am I ?....Ryu...Ryu...Chun-Li layed sprawled out on a full-sized bed. She was groggy from the fight with Cyclops earlier this day. She looked under the sheets," How did I ?....What am I doing in my nightgown ? " She looked puzzled. How did she get in bed ? And most importantly, why was she in Ryu's bed ? "Ryu you perve..." She looked over to the couch to see Ryu resting in it. He didn't look very comfortable. Chun-Li smiled seeing Ryu take a rest. She didn't see the hardend fighter anymore in him. All she saw was a sweet guy who cared. But he had a weird way of showing it. "That man...." She crept out of the bed and walked over the couch. She gently kissed him on the cheeck. " Thank you Ryu..You do love me." With that, she quickly went to bed.


Midnight, Somewhere in Toyko.

"Fool" Akuma laughed in pity for his fallen opponent. "You dare try and counter the ultimate technique of the raging demon.." Akuma dropped the lifeless body to the floor. It was a waste of time. His power was limitless. His power was unstoppable. But soon, who would be his next challenge ? That question was answered by a massive ki that surged the grounds that was under him.

"Well done..."

"You dare aim your weak attack at me...Akuma.. Kneel towards my power"

"It is me you should bow down to Akuma...or should I say..Gouki Long."

"You bother me...not a good thing" The figure moved torward Akuma. Akuma, after many fights was ready to trounce the one who called him by "Gouki".

"You make your stance fierce Gouki. Get ready."

"Who are you ? You seem to possess the same power as I do."

"I am called Apocalypse. You may call me Lord."

"So then, prepare to die..."


Noon, Qi Chin Region, China

Ryu and Chun-Li wanted to walk of the hearty lunch that they ate. Ryu held Chun-Li's hand and walked down the dusty road. Chun-Li, tried of the stillness started a conversation.

"Ryu tell me about your mother ?"

"My mom ?" Ryu's eyes began to shake up. He never thought about his mother. Images flooded his mind about her death. A kid watching his mother be fought to the death by a strange man. He knew it couldn't be his father who died afterward.

"Yes, her..." Chun-Li's eyes trailed off to the sky. She never had a mother like normal kids. Her dad spent most of his time working. "Did she love you ?"


"What ?"

"We're here."

"Oh..." The two surveyed the area. It was a loney, grassy plain. The air was still. All quiet. Ryu earlier during lunch never told her where they where going. Just to the "place." What was this "place ?" and why here ?

"Chun-Li...Get ready.."

"What ?" Her puzzled look did not faze Ryu. He was ready to fight. "Why Ryu ?"

"We need to train Chun-Li..You..You almost got killed out there fighting Cyclops"Ryu frowned, "It's only for your own good." His frown changed to a smile. "Besides it's only because I lov...UMMPH !!!" Ryu's words were cut of by a foot sweep.

"Less words, more fight." Chun Li moved into a crouching stance."Come on Ryu, let's fight !"

"That's the Chun-Li I.."

"Can it Ryu." Chun-Li advanced with a rapid jab punch. Ryu quickly sidestepped out of the way. She was angry at Ryu. She thought that Ryu way implying that she was weak. I'll show him weak. She thought."KI-LIO-SHO"

"What the Heck ?" Ryu never belived that Chun-Li had this much power. She was furious. Chun-Li was not going to hold back. She kept hitting Ryu with her hardest attacks. But Ryu kept going at her. Finally she stopped and dropped down on her knees.

"I'm weak aren't I ?" She cried out with tears in her eyes. " You won't love me if I'm.... Weak.." Her voice trailed off by her sobs.


"Good-Bye Ryu.." Chun-Li ran away from the grassy plain.

Chun-Li... Chun-Li... Ryu thought. Why do you do this to me. I do, you know I love you no matter what. Ryu began to follow her.

"Let the girl go."

"What ?" Ryu turned around. It was a woman. Slender, wearing high heels and had two purple pig-tailes. Rose ! Ryu was shocked. He never saw her in years. " What brings you here to China ?"

" It is time to start your journey...

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