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Chapter 4:The Power of Evil

Evil has its limits, limits that can be exedded only under a challenge, the challenge ? One of extreme measure....

A desolate field, Japan

Two figures stood still in the howling moon. The one named Akuma dubbed by the demon-gods. And the other Apocalypse, self named monster of own choice. Akuma stood hunched. Dazed at the relentless attack that Apocalyse brought forth.

"Do you not know I am invincible. Tremble under my power Gouki !"

"You still call me Gouki..." Akuma chanted out while he spit the blood off his lip."Why do you dare call me Gouki ?"

"Fool, do you not know your own heritage. We poesses the inner demon that keeps us alive. I have been living for a millenia of timelines...." Apocalyse's gaze turned into a smile. "You sold your life to the evil one himself. You and I are condemned spirts, yet you cling on to the mortal plane as a Street Fighter following the ancient ways of Shotokan.."

"You...Not do no know the power of the Shotokan's ultimate technique." Akuma was shocked at his words were. Akuma was bleeding. He was not even touched by the one who callled himself Apocalyse. "Tell me....How do you know ?"

"I lived long before you. That is what you must know."

"You waste your time here then, get ready.." Akuma quickly lauched himself forward at Apocalyse. Apocalyse already planned his attack and punched Akuma square in the face with his massive fist. Akuma doubled over and dropped to his knees.

"You still don't learn. I'll give you an offer. Join me, or die." Akuma stayed silent like the wind. That was his answer. Apocalyse picked up Akuma head first."You will die then by my hand." Apocalyse started to punch Akuma in his abdomen. "Join me." Every punch was bone cracking. Each time he was hit a massive amount of blood was coughed out of his mouth.

"Messatu...." The word was barely heard by Apocalyse. He kept raming away at Akuma as if he was nothing.

"Join me..." Apocalyse's request this time was more shrill than the last. He was not stopping his relentless attack.

"Go...." Akuma was slowly raising his arm, still getting the fierce onslaught from Apocalyse.

"Die..." He was ready to kill. He moved his fist to Akuma's head....

"HADO-KEN !!!" Akuma blasted Apocalyse with a one handed fireball directly in Apocalyse's head. This was enough to let Apocalyse let Akuma free.

"Well done Gouki..You damaged my face. With those words Apocalyse's melted face slowly began to return to shape. " I will give you one more chance. Join me or die..."

"Never..I'll.U.UH..HH..H !!!" This was strange. Akuma never felt this sensation. Was this...pain ? "You really are mocking me with your pathetic offer. It is you who shall die." As battered as Akuma was he regained ground. Slowly...he focused all his energy to him. The moon became blood red...The symbol of ten appeared on the back of his gi. Then with a flash...It was total darkness on earth....

"You and your weak parlor tricks." Apocalyse barked. "Fight me as you are.."

"I will..." Suddenly a light came. The moon was back to normal. But Akuma was not present.

"The coward runs away..." Apocalyse chanted. Suddenly out of the moon stood Akuma, floating.

"You dare make mockery of Satsu no Hado and defile the name of Shotokan, you Apocalyse, shall surely die !" His hair was white and his gi was purple. Enmarking the symbol of ten on his back. He, Akuma was true Shin Akuma.

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