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Chapter 5:The Raging Demon

Power is what we ask for....Immortality is what we get....

-General Bison

The earth shook as Akuma planted his feet to the ground. His red-eyed stare pointed towards Apocalyse. Apocalyse grinned at the sight of Akuma's power. He knew, that the demon Akuma's power would aid him...But how ?

"Gouki, so you finally show yourself as the true demon you are...This shall end quickly.."

"You...shall....Die.. Spoke the sacred words of the Demon. Slowly Akuma clenched his fists together." Feel the wrath of the true Raging demon..." Akuma stared at Apocalyse. He could feel the demon inside him telling him to kill. The demon inside him began to awaken his ki.

"Finish him now Akuma.....Now is the time....Feed the demon"

"" A powerful aura surrounded his body... "Satsu...No...Hado.." The demon drove torwards Apocalyse with the power of Death.

"Come...Come Akuma...Show me your power."


"Journey ?" Ryu's eyes wandered around Chun-Li's trail.

" As I said before Ryu..."

She looked at Ryu.

"I know...If she loves me, she'll come back." Ryu, after all this time never mouthed the words to her once at all. Those three words. Yet that's why he wanted to go after her.

"I know how you feel.." She went back to her days when she knew Bison the man not the demon. " But on to more important things."

"More important...What could be more than her ?" Ryu bit his lip. Why was he being so thoughtful of her now. Why did he want to train instead of hold her in his arms ?

"Does the name Akuma mean anything to you." Rose questioned.

"Akuma..."He asked. "Where is he, I must know..."

"All you must know is thaaaAUUHHHGH!!!!" Rose crumpled to the ground in agony.

"Rose !!!" Ryu kneeled down next to her.

"The...the...evil....too...powerful....Akuma..."Rose fell into unconsiousness.


Several distances away. The power of evil was felt by another presence. His name...Charles Xavier. Occupation..Telepathic. He too shared the silent scream that Rose did. He fell into unconciousness as well.

"Professor !!!" Cried out a woman. Her name..Storm. She began to float down the halls of which was called the X-Mansion or to the world: "Charles Xavier's school for the gifted".

"Storm....Why is the emergency protocal...My God..Professor !" That was Cyclops. The leader of the X-Men. "Get him to the sick bay.."

"That... won't... be... necessary."

Professor Xavier woke up from his "slumber". "Go..Cyclops...Go and find the one that they call....Ryu...Find him again and Kill him ASAP"

"But...I was already there. We only wanted him for questioning.."

" Do it ! It's an order." Cyclops didn't want to take the chance of disobeying. He was previously in China to question him on the whereabouts of Akuma. He clicked on his shoulder badge/communicator.

" X-Men...We go to China at apprehend and...destroy the subject..Ryu.." With that, Cyclops left the room.

" Fools...." Xavier said. His eyes turned blood red. "HA HA HA.." He laughed... He...was evil.


The night turned still. A figure lay on the ground half-dead. Boyd and Soul.

"Pathetic Gouki...Pathetic.." Apocalyse whimsed. He survived the Raging demon to only give Akuma the winning blow.

"Ready experiment.." A voice said.

" Yes. Bring his body to the lab."

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