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Chapter 6: The Time is Now

A female figure was found walking alone in the vast land of china. She looked around..."Where is that guy?" The teenage japaneese girl scanned around the desolate plains in China. She scratched her head. "He always avoids me, he never wants to teach me a thing at all..." Sakura started to sulk. She had spent almost ten days searching through China looking for Ryu, yet there was no luck, she met some guy that could have passed as Ryu, he carried a green duffel bag like Ryu's own but that's where the differences ended. Sakura quickly whipped out a map from her camping bag. "Let's see, I met that guy about five miles north..." She pointed her finger in the opposite direction. "...lesse,and Ryu was found 7 miles south..." Sakura just threw away the map in resignation. "Which means I'm LOST!" Sakura started to wimper as she fell down on her knees...

"Hey, don't cry..." A tall figure appeared over Sakura, shadowing her from the light of the sun.

"I'm...nnoo..not..crying.." Sakura, who had tears in her eyes looked slowly up at the figure. "Ry..Ryu?" She looked up and smiled. But as the figure moved out of the shadow, she noticed that it wasn't Ryu, it was the guy she had met earlier this day. "You?"

"Yes me.." The guy smiled as he lifted Sakura onto her feet with one well-built arm. Sakura just stood in front of him. She could feel a great ki inside him, more powerful than Ryu, but hidden inside him so that it didn't overwhelm people. As the figure's body moved out of the shade, he showed to be wearing a green shirt with a white T-shirt underneath with matching green jeans and white sneakers, his hair was strangely a spiked black, but kept short. Sakura just smiled at him and blushed a bit.

"Have we met before?" She turned away from his brown eyes, which were obviously trying to communicate with Sakura. "Do I know you from somewhere?" She asked lightly.

"Yeah, just met a few hours ago..." He laughed lightly, his brown skin turned a bit red, he obviously liked Sakura...

"I mean..." She brought herself to full height (Which wasn't much considering how this guy was more than six feet tall). "HAVE-WE-MET-BEFORE?" Sakura yelled, hoping in didn't hurt this strangely kind person's feelings.

"No.." he said calmly, "We haven't..."

"Do you know Ryu?" Sakura just cut him off...She started to talk a thousand words per second. "Ishethegreatest?Haveyoumethim?Canyoufight?DidyouknowIwasaStreetfighter?Whydoyouweargreen?" He just looked at her, dumbfoundely.

"STOP IT!" He yelled. "One question at a time!" Sakura, who backed off a little because of his, "loud voice", mumbled one more question.

"What is your name?" She asked meekly. The guy in front of Sakura gave her the kindest smile and spoke.

"Just call me Steve..."Steve smiled.

"Steve..." She smiled a little... "I'm Sakura..." The pair shook hands and laughed a bit...Sakura started to talk with Steve like they where old friends.

Masters Corp. Headquarters, 21st floor

Ken Masters, business man, world-reknown Street Fighter, husband to one named Eliza and one cool guy. Ken brushed his still long, blonde hair back as he thought about all of his life, he sat down at his expansive desk,in his obviously expensive suit and tie, (Italian shoes to boot) twiddling his thumbs. Well put, Ken Masters was bored. All he did now was become a figurehead for his father, sure, he was making money and all, but he never did get to spar with his great friend Ryu Hoshi, the only one who could beat him now, ever since Gouki had gone back into hiding since the second preliminary Street Fighter Tournament. "Ryu..." Ken moved off into a dreamy gaze as he remembered the countless fights he had with his best friend. The last time he saw him was at Sheng Long's tournament of all the remaining Shotokan warriors, held every three years, and remembered how Ryu got his first "Draw". Not to him, but to another. "Ryu must be training to fight him again..." Ken rested his head down and started to sleep...

"Wake up, Masters!" A female voice surrounded his inner thoughts, Ken quickly rose to his feet.

"Rose?" He said with some joy in his heart. The voice slowly made a translusent image of itself in front of Ken. "Rose! It's you, boy am I glad to see you, what is it? Bison is having another tourney again? Or was it..." Ken's body went crashing into a wall. Rose had mentally got his ass, beaten.

"Can you listen for once Mr. Arrogant!" She laughed a little, floating in the mental form. Ken slowly picked himself off the floor.

"Sure, anything for a lady..." Ken winced in pain.

"Thank you...Now report to Hong Kong in three days." With that, Rose's "spirit" form vanished. Ken took no time to get moving, he was gone as Rose vanished with adventure in his mind. Ken sprinted down the stairs because waiting for an elevator took too long.

"Mr. Masters?" Ken's speeding body was grabbed by the arm and put to a stop by his secretary.

"I'm in a hurry! Cancel all my evening appointments..." Ken threw off tie to the ground.

"But your wife? It's been the third time you cancelled on her?" The secretary vouched for the favour of Ken's wife in that point. Ken simply looked at her. The secretary knew that look and simply said, "cancelled". Ken litterally "flew" out of the office and went his way. The secretary just sighed and started to cancel the appointments. "Mrs. Masters....I pity you greatly...." The secretary started to dial up the Masters residence. "Hello?" A young woman's voice sprouted out, it was Eliza, Ken's wife and the woman he'd been canceling out on. "This is..." "I know who this is, don't tell me...Ken canceled again?" She said in a fierce tone of voice. Eliza was upset, ever since Ken had started to work for his father, she didn't see Ken at home much because of meetings and engagements. "Yes, Mrs. Masters, and he..." The secretary was cut off...Eliza had hung up.