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Year 2015: The first coming of angels, defeated by the Evangelion pilots, Shinji Ikari, Rei Ayanami and Asuka Soryu Langely.

Year 2018: It had been three years ever since the divine revelation of the second coming of angels from Justice, the 19th angel. Justice soon took the form of a human being named Arcane, seeing that what God had planned to do to this world was against his moral feelings. Few joined in this crusade. Ancient clans arose to this challenge, the Nikaido, the Kushinada, the Yashitie and Kusanagi. All known as divine weapons. These people, strived to keep this world a better place to only find out that God has turned against them. Till this day, the war between them goes on.

Nerv 2 building, California,

After the second coming of angels, Nerv had returned itself to the former glory they once had. Noticing that the level of the new angel's AT was almost impossible to stop. with that knowledge, Nerv re-issued the EVA weapons array and started to build another Evangelion unit. First came a rebuilt model of Evangelion unit three, originally built in the US and recreated for the purpose of this event. Second was Evangelion Unit 04, the same Eva that vanished with Nerv 2 in the first place. It was kept under faithful watch for chance it might happen again. The tranquility was great for the past years. People had time to mourn their losses during this peace, to pick up the pieces. Untill that faithful morning.

At the crack of dawn, the sun rose brightly. A loud horn was heard through the streets of San Franscisco. This horn meant something to few. Some to be afraid, some to wake up, but for Tom Dyron, it was the battle call. Like Arcane prophecied, the angels returned. "What da fuck!" A ragged head strugged itself out of its cosy bed. His black hair was a mess, sleep did that to a person. Of course, he knew what this horn meant and expected a phone call. "One, Two, Three.." As on cue, the phone rang. Tom clicked on a number pad on his bedroom wall. Suddenly, the room was put on speaker. "Hai?" A familiar voice came on the speakers. It was Nerv's high commander, Gendo Ikari.

"Tom, get down to Nerv 2 for briefing, angels have..." Tom rolled his eyes, he knew this was going to happen since Arcane gave Tom the scrolls of Divine theory. Tom just started to pull his hair.

"I know sir, but didn't I tell you? Didn't I tell everyone?" Tom started to get pissed off. "God damn it! I told all you shits down at Nerv but noo..." Tom started to get sarcastic. "You had to discontinue the EVA weapons array..."

"Tom...." Gendo warned.

"In fact, you've been full of bullshit ever since I destroyed Seele for you. I'm tried of you always making people suffer, so leave me the fuck alone."

"I am your commander, you will obey..." Gendo replied sharply. Tom winced in pain. Something about that voice made him shake up.

"Hai..." Tom hung up totally defeated, he knew he couldn't win. "That asshole..." Tom mumbled as he walked to the kitchen. Thoughts started to run into his mind. Of course, the first thing that hit Tom's mind in the morning, (other than sex)was Rei Ayanami. He hadn't seen her for almost a year ever since Nerv 2 was built. Tom sighed and pulled out a beer from the fridge...It was warm, a definate feel that angels were here. The energy was being used to power the Evangelion units. "Crap!" Tom thought and decided to take a shower, so he removed his clothing and entered the walk-in shower. As he turned the knob of the shower, the thin water was really cold which made Tom jump and hit his head out of the ceiling. "Nerv at it's F**KIN' best again..." Tom remembered that to get power faster, they used the turbines that where sending water through San Francisco to power the Evangelion units. Tom didn't mind cold water since it reminded him of LCL, so he just scrubbed himself and sang one of his favourite Nine Inch Nails songs.

"I got my head but my head is unraveling, can't keep control, can't keep track of where it's traveling, I got my heart but my heart's no good, and you're the only one that's understood..."

"Tom?" With a swish, a lone figured appeared in Tom's window, but due to Tom's ignorance, he kept singing.

"I come along but I don't know where you're taking me, I shouldn't go but you're wrenching dragging shaking me, turn off the sun pull the stars from the sky, The more i give to you the more I die..." Tom's voice got more louder.

"Wait a minute..." The moved into a thinking position and started to tap his chin with his finger. "Nine Inch Nails?" Steven moved off slower with caution to Tom's bathroom.

"And I want you, and I want you, and I want you, and I want you, You are the perfect drug, the perfect drug, the perfect drug, you are the perfect drug, the perfect drug, the perfect drug...." Tom sang as he swished around in the cold water. "You make me hard when I'm all soft inside, I see the truth when I'm all stupid-eyed, the arrow goes straight through my heart, without you everything just falls apart...."

"Tom-kun?" the figure entered the bathroom silently and listened to Tom's "performance" which who was making a good show about.

"My blood wants to say hello to you, my fears want to get inside of you, my soul is so afraid to realize how very little good is left of me..." Steven pasted a evil smile on his lips and ran outside to the bathroom.

Meanwhile at Nerv 2,

"Commander Fugisawa?" A short woman with grey hair advanced towards the new commander of Nerv 2. His brown hair glinted a little in the morning sun which shown through Nerv 2's ship bay. "We have a incomming message from Captain Dyron." The woman started to break into laughter. "I think you should see it." Fugisawa and his task force who was preparing the fight against the Angel took a quick break to view this message from the Captain. Quickly, the transfer was sent in to a holographic device.

"What in the world?" Fugisawa's expression went blank.

"And I want you, and I want you, and I want you, and I want you..." Fugisawa and his task force turned a bright white. There was their comrade, the great captain, singing and dancing nude in the shower to his own voice.

"Does Tom do acid?" One member of the task force asked.

"Yeah, and I heard he also gets layed every night..."

"How do you know?"

"You are the perfect drug, the perfect drug, the perfect drug, you are the perfect drug..."

"Yep Drugs..."

"Damn it, here's your five bucks..."

"ASSHOLES!" Fugisawa said sharply. "You idiots should be helping residents into the shelters... (take me)the perfect drug the perfect drug you are the perfect drug the perfect drug the perfect drug you are the perfect drug the perfect drug the perfect drug you are the perfect drug the perfect drug the perfect drug you are the perfect drug the perfect drug the perfect drug you are the perfect drug the perfect drug the perfect drug you are the perfect drug the perfect drug the perfect drug you are the perfect drug the drug the perfect drug (with you) (take me) (with you) (take me) (with you) (take me) (with you) without you (take me) without you everything falls apart (with you) without you (take me) it's not as much fun to pick up the pieces (with you) without you (take me) without you everything falls apart (with you) without you (take me) it's not as much fun to pick up the pieces (with you) (take me) it's not as much fun to pick up the pieces (with you) (take me) it's not as much fun to pick up the pieces (with you) without you without you everything falls apart without you it's not as much fun to pick up the pieces

"Woo-Hoo!!!" the figure started to cheer loudly for Tom's rendition of "The Perfect Drug". Tom (in the shower), started to bow.

"Good Night San Francisco!" Tom said in a horrible english accent. Then it finally hit him. Who the hell was out there? Tom quickly grabbed a towel and walked out the bathroom. "Tyra?" Tom called out.

"Sure Tom..." The figure appeared from the kitchen with an apple in hand. "I'm Tyra Banks..." Tom quickly flushed red in anger. "What did I say?"

"YOU ASSHOLE!!!" Tom started to yell. "Steven Swain-Hikari, how da fuck did you get in here?" Tom grabbed one of his "Rollerbladers Suck!" T-shirts that were scattered across the floor, then quickly flipped a pair of boxers under the towel, the placed on the T-shirt. Tom then shook the towel off and started to dry his hair quickly. Steven thought about what he recently did and started to laugh. One of his spiky black bangs fell down onto his brown skin. It was fun thinking about the old times. He just noticed he grew since he was 19. Now being 22, he started to notice that he was almost taller than Tom, and was a bit bigger. He flexed one of his arms, proud of what he became.

"Gado would be proud..." He whispered. Tom went off looking for a pair of jeans to grid his boxers with. He quickly tied his hair into a ponytail and combed the top a bit.

"That reminds me," Tom went over to the corner of his appartment. "I got to call Rei and check up on her."

After Tom had beat the crap out of Steven/gotten dressed, the two old friends started to talk about old times. "So what happened since I went back to the Kurasangi dojo?" Steven said taking a seat on Tom's expensive furniture. "I mean, it has been three years and all..." Tom was busy in his freezer to see if there was any cold beer available.

"Woo-Hoo!" Tom yelled out as he pulled out a defrosted six pack from the freezer and made his way to the living room. "Ice cold beer, one of god's greatest gifts..." Tom thought about what he just said and shook his head. "One for you, and five for me..." Tom said as he threw one beer to Steven.

"Tom," Steven looked at Tom seriously. "I don't..." Without finishing the last word, Tom swiped his can of beer. "...Drink." Steven sighed.

"Oh well, more for me..." Tom said with glee as he poured two beers into his mouth at once. The sight of Tom drinking like this made Steven stand up and make his way to the kitchen. "What's up your butt?" Tom asked sarcastically.

"Well, I haven't seen you or the rest of the group in a long time..." Steven sighed as he looked through the fridge to see some cold pizza. Quickly, he pulled it out and started to chew.

"Ah, you wanna have a little party and all...I see!" Tom picked up his cell phone. "Well after Nerv kicks some angel ass, I'll call up Tyra, Rei, all your bros up in da temple and shit..." Steven stammered and clenched his fists.

"Tom...I'm engaged to Yusanki..." Steven said sadly as he sat down on the couch again. Tom's look went blank.

"Ah, damn it!" Tom cursed. "Not you too!" Tom threw his cell phone across the living room. "What's wrong with you guys?" Tom started to yell. "First Lone, then Matt, and now YOU! I thought we were all tight and that." Tom yelled. "Is she really worth it?" Steven quickly pulled out his wallet and threw it at Tom. "I don't want your money..."

"Just open it!" Steven yelled forcefully. Tom opened up the wallet and pulled out a photograph. "Let me see who this girl is so I...." Tom was lost for words, the picture said it all. "That's...That's....That's HOT!" Tom fanned himself down for a minute with the photo.

"Dare I say..." Steven placed a vicious grin. "Hotter than Rei Ayanami?" Tom looked at Steven seriously, a look that said, ‘Don't push it'. Steven quieted down.

"Dude..." Tom said. "Are you sure she isn't some type of super model?" Tom said as he viciously looked at Yusanki's photograph again.

If you were to spend all your time walking around the mighty Nerv complex, and searched it a thousand times, and spoke to every person who worked there, not once, not twice, but many times. You'd never be likely to speak to him. He was alone, even in a massive underground complex with over 10,000 workers. He liked it that way. He had no more family, and no more friends if that ever concerned him. He felt that almost all of the betrayed him three years ago. Except for Tom, who was beside him on his decision all the way. He brushed his fingers through his lavender-blue hair and retrieved an ID card from his black Nerv Uniform. "Tom will be ok..." he grinned as he inserted his Card into a slot. Briefly, he turned around and sighed. He knew he has being followed. So, he turned his back as a door from the wall opened. "You may come out now Ms. Katsuragi..." he sighed. In less than a few seconds, he heard a familiar "Gomen ne sai" as the woman who's name he called out appeared. To a man's fancy, she was a goddess. For some unknown reason, he felt attracted to her as he turned around to face her. She had the what he felt, the perfect body. Her curves were all in the right place and she had the most beautiful smile. As modest and straightforward she tried to be, her dark purple hair bounced with every step she made, reminding him of an old way of life he once had. He stepped out of his glaze and looked at her with a serious manner to his face. "Major Misato Katsuragi..." He kept walking through the open corridor as she followed.

"Mr. Nikaido..." She started, fixing the hem of her black mini-skirt. Sometimes she'd question why Gendo thought skirts were the proper uniform for women. "The Commander wants a report on your activities, you have been silent since you began work here."

"Please, my name is Hiditio." He started. Misato gulped a little for air, she wondered why he was being so kind all of a sudden.

"Ok then, Hiditio..." She started. "The Commander is afraid you are conduting an experiment that is capable of starting third impact." It was Hiditio's turn to be uncomfortable.

"Third Impact? How do you suppose that? I am merely creating an energy core that will provide the Evangelion units with a power supply that is unlimited." Hiditio stopped and looked at her. "I am using the power of the light of mind barrier, I knew that one day the Angels would return, and that the S2 organ could be controlled by Angels because of what the Organ belong to." Hiditio began to walk away. Misato, even with more question on his activities followed him.

"But Hiditio, Dr. Akagi said that it isn't possible for you to create that potential energy without using an angel." Misato gasped in horror. "You...You are not using Lilith?" she said, grabbing his hand tightly. Another smile crossed Hiditio's face. One of assurance.

"No...I am not using Lilith." Hiditio tugged away from Misato's grasp and found himself in a dark loading bay.


One stray shot had hit Misato in the shoulder. Slowly, her graceful form fell to the ground as a gush of blood squirted from her shoulder. Her head landed hard on the ceramic floor. Hiditio lost his menacing gaze and turned around. There was Misato, lifeless to his thought. His look changed from sadness to near tears as he removed the top of his Nerv Uniform and rested it on Misato's body to keep her warm if she was living. Slowly, he picked her up and cradled her in his arms and then rested her one more time. His physique was better shown with his Uniform off. He had muscle down to every part of his body. All well toned and hard as steel. Some of the soldiers felt uneasy because of this.

"How sad..." The soldier laughed. "Shall we continue the work?"

"Yes..." The Holograph vanished as the lead soldier and the other hundred pointed their guns at Hiditio. Hiditio gripped his Katana tightly.

"Forgive me..." He whispered. Slowly, his lavender purple hair burst from it's band that held it back.

"What is he doing?" The lead soldier yelled. "Shoot him!" Suddenly, a burst of gunfire started to shell against every point of Hiditio's body. The Bullets only had an effect on his clothing. For they were ridden with bullet holes, almost leaving with only scraps for clothing.

"You bastards...Not only do you break into my" he started to stutter. "Killed MISATO!!!" A bright light thundered as a golden aura surrounded his body, turning his hair into a spiky golden mane. His eyebrows were a golden yellow as well while his pupils became an emerald green. "I WILL KILL YOU ALL!!!" He screamed with tears in his eyes. Memories began to flood in his mind. All the times Misato would follow him to find out what he was doing and he'd shut her out. Everytime she'd ask him to go drinking with her and he never accepted. All the time she'd spend talking to him and he never answered. This was more than enough to drive him to this level of anger.

"You must come with me on a date sometime Nikaido-san!"

"Sorry, I'm working late tonight..."

"So tell me about yourself then Mr. Nikaido!"

"I'm sorry Ms. Katsuragi, I can't..."

"Do you always say 'I'm sorry' to me?"


"Then say something!"

Filling the room with an even brighter light from that memory. A deviod of lightning and Purple flames started to engluf the soldiers. While the fire and lightning started to flow around the lab, Hiditio flared up and trailblazed around every soldier. Ever so quickly, he never hesitated to slash, cut, decapitate or mame his enemies. Soon, the fire vanished as hundreds of bodies fell to the floor in the same fashion as Misato did. But one exception....They were dead. "Somo Mata SHI-NE!" Hiditio cried out and picked up Misato's motionless body.