The XFZ Chronicle Story and Summary Page Chronicles Chronicle 1: Blood Fusion -What are Friends for ? -XXX -Denial -The ZeoBorg Battle Chronicle 2: Open Doors -MidSummer Training -The Hidden Province -Zebot Alpha Chronicle 3: ZeoBot Fury -The Death and Rebirth of A Hero -Denjin Super Saiyian-jin -Funeral for A Friend Chronicle 4: Fading Dreams: The Evil Steven Saga -Abducted -The evil intent -Memories Chronicle 5: The Dark Truth -Zeo Corp's final vengeance -Blood and Tears -The ZeoBorg Crossovers Crossover 1: Ranma XFZ -Meet Ranma Saotome -The Anything-goes Marriage Competition -The Zeo Plot Crossover 2: Saiyian-jin Armageddon -Worlds collide -Challenge of the Strongest -A Dragon Ball
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