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The XFZ Chronicles Zero: The Great Fighting Story

It was a nice summer day in Japan. Steven had just landed for a 7 year training venture. As Steven moved forward the grassy plains, he was greeted by a gray-haired man. "Welcome !" The voice boomed outside.

"Who are you ?" Steven asked.

"I'm your new sempai Gado." He grinned. He was a mild-mannered man who cared for the world. The look of good was in his eyes. "You must be Steven..Am I right ?"

"In the flesh sensei..." Steven humbly bowed. "I have come to fight.."

"Fight ?" Gado remarked. "You come here to train, learn, to become one with yourself...Fight is the last thing you'll do."

"What about sparing ?" He asked. "We do happen to practice that."

"Show me then.." Gado stood still.

"If you insist sensei." Steven dropped his bag. "If I hurt you..I'm not paying for your retirement fund." Steven ran torwards Gado, he started punching and kicking, but Gado dodged them all.

"Hmmm....Stupid aggressive attacks." Gado tripped him, resulting him to land in the clean brown dirt.

"Damn..." Steven said with his face full of grass. Suddenly a beautiful girl came along.

"Who's the new student father ?" The girl asked.

"Oh great. My ass is on the ground, there's a pretty girl watching me make a fool of myself, and I'm getting a meal of dirt---It's like when I was a white belt." Steven thought.

"This gentleman on the ground is Steven Swain." Gado said. Steven made his way upright.

"He...llooo...Hellooooo." Steven's voice quivered. "Doh!!! Nice going Steven, now she thinks I'm a idiot." He thought.

"Pleased to meet you.." She shook his hand. "I'm Yusanki.."

"Wow..." Steven gazed off. "I" Steven used the deepest voice he could. Yusanki giggled. "Now she's laughing at me."

"Now my child, Steven will be your new training partner."

"WHAA--TT!!" Steven's heart almost exploded. "Me..and..HER!!!"

" You have a problem with that..." Gado asked.

"Er...No..But.." Steven eyed Yusanki again. "She's a GIRL."

"And your a boy...Want to play "match the sexes" again ?" She said sarcastically.

"Maybe.." Steven thought. "Sorry about that."

"Then go now..." Gado said. Steven carried his belongings and followed Yusanki.

"This is going to be Hard." Steven thought.


"Will you stop making me do all these hard push-ups !!" A boy yelled out.

"If you would stop showing off and doing them with one hand it wouldn't hurt so much." His trainer called out. "Kenneth, when are you going to learn that simple Martial Arts is something you don't play with. Oh sure, you may be a third-degree black belt but come on, I know you have more potential than that."

"What the hell do you mean by that ?" Kenneth asked.

"Nothing Master Kenneth." The trainer replied.

"Hey don't call me that. Just because I pay you 3,000 dollars per class, doesn't mean have to call me Master. " Kenneth said. "You've been a great friend of mine..Stop calling me." Kenneth stopped to think about this. "Am I really going to let him not call me Master anymore ? I must be sick." He thought. Just then, Tifa ran into the training room.

"Hello Kenneth!" Tifa said while she ran towards and hugged him.

"Hello Tifa..! You're hugging to hard !" Tifa stopped hugging Kenneth."Hey Tifa, Did I tell to stop?" Tifa started to hug Kenneth again.

"I've missed you !" Tifa said to Kenneth.

"But we've only been apart for an hour." Kenneth replied. "Alright, Let's stop training ." Kenneth yelled out.

"OK Master" The trainer replied

"Stop callin... Never mind, I like the sound of that! " Kenneth said. "Hey Tifa, you want to get something to eat?" Kenneth asked Tifa.

"Alright !" Tifa answered and grabbed Kenneth by the arm and went off.

"Ahh, Having Money is great!" Kenneth thought to himself.


As the weeks and months rolled by Steven got stronger and more physical than he used to be.Yusanki was more distance from him than ever.

"Hey Steven, what are you writing ?"

"None of your beeswax Yuki !" That was the nickname Steven gave her. "Go away..." He said tugging the paper.

"Come on Steven.." She caressed his shoulder.

"I hate when she does that but it feels so good." Steven decided to give it to give the letter to her. It read:

"Dear Tifa,

I miss you lots... I'm sorry about the fight we had 9 months ago. Please forgive me for what I said. You're not a flat-chested wretch....(he he he). I'll see you on vacation. And remember our vow to each other.

Steven Swain

C/o Gado Kirasangi Kirasangi Dojo, Okane, Japan"

"That's so sweet.." Yusanki thought and gave Steven the paper.

"Finally..." Steven said annoyed. He took the pen and wrote again.

"PS I finally met a girl." He laughed and ran down the hall.


Seven days later...

"Hey Kenneth, What day is today?." Tifa asked.

"Ah... Thanksgiving ?!." Kenneth replied looking lost.

"No silly!, it's our fifth anniversary." Tifa answered. "I can't believe you forgot!"

"I had a lot on my mind lately." Kenneth explained to Tifa.

"Like girls in two piece swim suits ?" Tifa said, ready to kill him if he had no good excuse.

"Of course not ! Tifa, the only girl in my mind is you" Kenneth replied.

"Oh... Kenneth, your so sweet." She hugged him close.

"What's that ?" Kenneth asked.

"Oh a letter from Steven !" She trailed off...

"Who's he, a boyfriend ?"

"Well, you could say that ?" She opened up a letter. "He was my best friend from kindergarten

"Is he gay ?" Kenneth asked

"Of course not ! Ah.. I don't know, he never really had a relationship with any girl" Tifa explained. Looking very paused.

"But if he was your best friend won't you know if he's gay or not?" Kenneth investigated, while writing the questions and answers on a note pad.

"We never talked about any relationship, I treated him like how I would treat a girl as a friend. But I remember we both made a promise " Tifa said.

"Ah.. I see... what is the promise?."Kenneth asked.

"It was No matter were we are we will always be in talk." Tifa answered.

"Ah.. I see.. And who do you love now?" Kenneth asked again.

"Of course you silly.." Tifa answered and kissed Kenneth on the cheek. Tifa opened the letter and read it. "Oh great !" She cried out. "He's coming back on vacation."

"He is..isn't he ?" Kenneth thought. "I must meet this..Steven."

"Could he stay here for awhile ?" Tifa asked.

"If you insist.." Kenneth replied cooly. "For you."

"I love you..." She kissed him.

"Ditto babe !" And he kissed her back. "So do you have a picture of this nerd ?"

"Of course !" She opened up her purse to reveal a photo of Steven eating a pizza.

"Boy he's a porker.." Kenneth laughed.

"Don't make fun of him.." She snarled. "He's my friend.."

"O.K. I mean he's so fat that..."

"What do I have to do to shut you up ?" She tickled him.

"Quit it.." He chuckled. "That...tickles.."


A year later....

"Yuki..pass the rice."

"Pass the soy sauce."

"Child..don't eat with your mouth full."

"I hear Gado choosing a successor to marry his daughter.." "Silence !!" That was the voice of Gado. "Yusanki, could you go to the kitchen for some more beef ?" Yusanki nodded and ran to the kitchen. "Now as most of you know, I have called you former students here to inform you of my passing to the heir of the Kurasangi Dojo."

"What !" Steven spat out the rice out of his mouth.

"Yes, even you Steven." Gado grinned. "Now since Yusanki is my only child..A girl child. She will be wed to one of you for the Dojo's ownership."

"Choose me.." A man spoke out.

"I have already made my decision Hiditio, sit."

"Yes sensei." He sat down mumbling something about him being the best.

"My choice for heir to the Dojo is Steven.." Gado announced his claim to Steven. "You will marry her when the time is right."

"But sensei !!!" Hiditio cried out. A loud mumble of voices were heard.

"Be still !!" Gado yelled. "Let the heir speak on my decision." Gado nodded as Steven stood up. "Sensei, I thank you for this honour but my concerns are torwards Yusanki..."

"You are afraid of your endowment to her ! Coward." Hidito yelled out.

"Be still, continue Steven.." Gado's eyes focussed on Steven.

"I mean, I do *love*..her and all."

"Could you repeat that louder.." One of the students yelled.

"I do love.." Steven blushed. "Her but..... What about her ? How can I marry one that probably doesn't love me as well."

"You must do so to claim the title.."

"Sorry then sensei.. I can't take the title then.." Steven began to walk away.

"Wait Steven," Gado said. " What you have shown here is what I want from the one who is to claim the title. For this I am surely proud of you. At first, I never even chose you. It was Hidito who was going to be the heir. But according to his actions, it proves he is not worthy."

"What !!" Hidito left the room in anger.

"Yes Hidito, I had my faith in you." Gado remarked. "But never in all my life have I've seen such profound wisdom in youth like him."

"But what about Yusanki ?" Steven asked.

"I know her heart as well as yours. " He started. "She feels the same way...Just give yourselves time to mature."

"Thank you...Father-in Law.." He joked and ran to the kitchen area to tell the good news to Yusanki.


"Let me go !!" Yusanki yelled out. "I'm warning you Hiditio.."

"Or what, Steven's going to save you.." He began to twist her arm. She screamed in pain.

"Tell me you love me...Marry me and I'll own the Dojo at your side." Tears came out of her eyes.

"No..." She cried. "I won't lose my inheritance to you.." He pulled on her other arm almost breaking the second one as well.

"Say it !" He ordered. Steven ran in making stop to tell Yusanki what was going on when she went to the kitchen. She, in the verge of passing out finally began to speak.

"I...Love You.." She spoke wearily. Suddenly, Hiditio clasped her face and kissed her.


Steven who had just heard this was almost in the verge of tears because what she said hurt his heart badly. "I...I can't believe it.." Steven ran outside far away from the Dojo to release his anger. It had started to rain, but Steven didn't care at all. Steven bumped into a stranger who was wearing the Kurasangi crest on his chest "Who are you..." Steven asked.

"You need not know boy..." He laughed. "I have come to pay my respects to the late Gado Kurasangi.."

"Late..." Steven said...

"Steven.." That was Yusanki who was running after Steven..

"Another Kurasangi..." He growled and shot a blast at Steven and Yusanki...

"NOOOOOO!!!" He cried...All was black.. ************************************************************************

"My head...." Steven got up from a long rest of slumber. He found himself on a hospital bed. "Where am I ?" Steven questioned himself. He found himself in a body cast but he felt no pain.

"Oh your up Mr. Swain." A nurse said. "We thought we lost you to the violent dreams that you had last night."

"Dreams...." Steven asked. "About what ?"

"Some girl named Yusanki or what..."

"Yusanki..." Steven said. "Is she still alive ?"

"Yes, in Japan...She's been comatose for several months now."

"It can't be..." Steven thought. "It's not fair.." Suddenly, a black haired girl ran in.

"Oh my god..." She shrieked. "My charge is finally awake." Steven looked at the girl in dismay . "Can I take him down now ?" Steven decided the girl was nuts so he shut up.

"It's okay now...You have my permission" The nurse exclaimed. "You can take down the arm braces."

"Yes ma'am." She replied. As she tugged onto the brace. Her chest muffled Steven's face.

"She may be crazy, but she knows what I like.." Steven joked. He began to speak to the girl in a friendly manner. "I guess you treat all patients like this." Steven said solemnly.

"I think you shouldn't be talking to me like that concerning the position you're in." She stated.

"I kinda like it.." She, finally noticing where she was, moved way off him.

"Some people have all the nerve.." She said. "If my friend where here..he would have whooped your butt back to next week."

"Who...The fat-ass ?" A guy walked in.

"I told you to stopped calling him that.." She hit him lightly on the arm. "What are you doing here ?" She asked. "I'm trying to work here."

"Ah.. volunteer work always bothered me..." He said. "Who the stiff we have here Tifa.."

"Tifa.." Steven's heart almost flipped and started to choke.

"Ohmygosh !!" Tifa gave Steven some water to drink on. "There, that's better.." She smiled into Steven's covered eyes. "Now that you're awake..Who are you ?"

"My name is Steven...Long time no see Tifa !" He joked. Tifa's face turned a bright red. She was just flirting with her best friend.

"You..." She was angry/happy. "You jerk...How come you never said anything before ?"

"Well, I wasn't sure that it was you because.." He pointed at her chest. "You see and also you're much more prettier from the last time we met."

"Spare me the complements.."The guy next to Tifa mumbled.

"Oh yes..." She exclaimed. "This is Kenneth Hoang.."

"Her boyfriend." He exclaimed. "You must be Steven Swain.."

"Gee Tifa," Steven said. "I know you were lonely and all when I was gone but.." He turned to Kenneth. "Don't you have better taste ?" Steven and Tifa laughed. Kenneth getting annoyed growled quietly.

"Well blubber," Kenneth started. "Let me show you something you don't have." He flexed his arm muscles in front of Steven.

"He's a martial artist like yourself.." Tifa said. "Kenneth won many titles last year, right Kenneth."

"Yep.." He said smugly smiling at Steven. "I bet he couldn't even lift his leg to.."

"Kenneth.." Tifa yelled. "Steven, he didn't mean that."

"Don't matter.." Steven said cooly.. "I'll show him what fat people can do.."

" !!" He laughed. Steven didn't like the comment.

"Tifa.." Steven asked. "Break open the cast..."

"But you're not officially due till tomorrow." Tifa replied.

"O.K. then, just the arm." Steven said.

"Sure.." Tifa went over to pick up a large scalple. "Just hold still." She adruptedly opened his arm cast. " Ok now, I'm going to tug on your arm.." She pulled and the cast came off. "Oh my..."

"What do you think Tifa ?" Tifa was to busy staring at his left arm. It almost doubled Kenneth's in muscle mass. "This is the result of 2 years training."

"This is the result of two years training..!!" Kenneth said mimicing him in a girly voice. " I still say he's a porker.." "Will you stop that ?" Tifa argued. "Now Steven...When you get out tommorow.." She winked. "Call me.." With that Kenneth and Tifa left the room.

"My god she's hot !" Steven said faning himself down."I wonder where she got such enormous.."

"Enormous what.." A guy walked in carrying a saddlebag.

"Pankaj..." Steven called out. "Nice to see..Whoa." Pankaj choked him by the neck.

"Leave me here in Canada while you embark on your journey to Japan ?" Pankaj shaked Steven's head. "I outta kick your ass."

"Then go ahead.." Another voice called out. A female voice. "Pankaj, Pankaj, Pankaj.." She nodded her head. "Haven't you've learned anything from our relationship ?"

"" Pankaj grinned.

"Relationship ?" Steven was puzzled. Was everyone in one except him ? "Pankaj, the lone warrior...With a girl ?" Steven chuckled.

"Let's go now !" The girl yelled.

"Yes, Michelle !" Pankaj said meekly. Steven just pulled over his covers and laughed.

"Wake up you son of a bitch." a small teen jumped on Steven and beat on him with his fist.

"Get off me you fag boy!" Steven kicked his attacker in the ribs. Slowly the boy crawled off him. "Wait a minute...Aren't you.."

"Yes you idiot!" The boy started to groan. "Now could you please get out of the bed?" Steven looked at the boy in utter confusion.

"I swear I know you from somewhere." Steven said scratching his head. "You're.." Steven had no time to answer, the boy pushed him out of the bed.

"You're wasting time Steven." He started. "I know you have a sponge bath with Tifa in two minutes. Kicking you out would mean she would give me one instead." He started to smile evily.

"Now I know who you are...Only Moe would be such a horny pervert!" He said as he stood up triumphantly. Moe smacked him in the back of the head.

"Stay under the bed Steven..." He covered himself with Steven's sheets.


"Shut up!" Moe smacked him with a bedpan.

"Tifa's go.." Steven flashed a wicked smile. "Ok Moe, have your fun with Tifa." Suddenly the door opened.

"Are you ready for your sponge bath lover boy?" A girl cooed.

"I'm ready for some loving..." Moe jumped out of the sheets with a cheery smile. Which, in a few seconds, turned into utter fear. "No..No not you..." Moe shuttered.

"Yes Moe..." She advanced Moe with a sponge. "Get undressed..Or I'll do it for you."

"NOOOOOO!!!!! Not Katherine Potts!" she was the most hideous, ugly, god-forsaken, girl in all the land. The utter sight of her would actually give you bad luck for seven years. "Run away!" Moe started his long dash out the hospital.

"Wait for me lover boy!" Katherine started to bounce after him. Steven just shook his head and thought that this was worth it.

Suddenly, there was another knock at the door. It was Steven's Mom and two sisters.

"Can't I send you anywhere ?" Steven's mom yelled. "You're lucky your black ass didn't get killed."

"Nice to see you too mom.." Steven's mom ran and gave him a hug.

"Does that mean I have to move my stuff out of his room ?" Steven's elder sister Samantha yelled.

"Forget it, I'm going back to Japan anyways.." Suddenly, the look on Steven's mom changed to a sad look. "What, I can't go back to Japan ?"

"Steven..Your sensei's dead."

"No..." Steven mumbled to himself. "Are you sure ?"

"I couldn't lie..Here Steven.." Steven's younger sister Savannah handed him a daito. It glimmered in the light of the private hospital room. "It was in his will that you have this and the dojo.." Steven stood there in shock.

"No.." He kept saying to himself. "No..No..No.." He couldn't believe it. "What about..Yusanki..?"

"She's in a hospital in Japan...Look Steven, she's in good hands."

"I, supposed to marry her.." Steven said. "The only good hands she should be in is mine.." Steven began to get angry. "I SWEAR I'LL KILL THAT BASTARD WHO KILLED GADO !!" Suddenly, the cast broke off his body.

"Steven..don't do anything that might get you into trouble. I know you Steven..You wouldn't do anything like that." Steven calmed down.

"Yes mom." Steven rested his head on the pillow.

"Now go to sleep, tomorrow you go back home.." With that, the family left and turned the lights out. "Good night Steven.." She closed the door.

"Yusanki.." Steven cried and fell asleep.

***************************End of Part One****************************