"Yusanki.....Yuki....Please don't die on me..."

"I...I'm?O.K......Don't worr...."

"Don't leave me...I love....No!"

"She's gone...for now..."

"Die you bastard..Rot in hell !"

"Fool, you die now..."



"How's the subject holding up?"

"Fine, heart pressure at 75 %."

"O.K. Start experiment XF-Zero."

"Sir, we have reports of people searching for the subject."

"We'll let him go...after this experiment."

"But what if he comes after us because of this ?"

"He should be thanking us..Besides, we have something he might want."

"Experiment under way sir...Blood Fusion at 50%. Continue ?"

"Yes...To 100%, now !"

"75...85...95....100% completed."

"What do we do with him?"

"We leave him here till the time comes."

"Wake up Steven.."



"Wake up." A pillow was launched towards the boy's head. He was home, the whole thing was just a dream to him. "Steven, you just watch. If your late again, your gonna be suspended again."

"Ah, come on Samantha." The young teen looked puzzled. It has been at least two years since he went to school in Canada after extensive training with his sensei in Japan.

"I'm still not used to getting up in this cold air.."

"Look Steven...If you don't get up..Just wait till Mom finds out.Your ass is grass." With that, Samantha, Steve's younger sibling, left the room."And clean up your room, it's a mess."She quarreled as she stormed down the hallway.Steven quickly jumped out of bed. Even after years of martial arts training. He couldn't get out of bed if he tried. Steven, who was too lazy to pick out what he was going to wear the night before, picked out his green shirt and matching clothes.

"I'm late again..." Steven said as he ran out the door. "I sure miss the easy days. Of course, training was not much fun either, but then again, I got up a 10 am." Steven sped towards the bus stop with no time to waste. He made it in due time to catch up to his friend Afjal who was waiting for the bus.

"Good timing."That was the voice of the smug, award winning friend of Steve, Afjal Mohamed.

"Shaddup you baka."Stevenretorted.

"Just because you went to Japan for awhile, doesn't mean you're a master of the language." Afjal said sarcastically. He was brandishing a badminton racket in his arm.

"So,Iguess your right hand is not your only friend is it ?"Steven said eyeballing the racket.

"Now who's the idiot?" Afjal laughed at the lame comment. "So Steve, you've seen Pankaj around lately ?"

"What do you mean lately?" Steven quizzed.

"Well from what I've heard from his mom, he didn't come home last night."

"Do you think he's dead ?"


"By the way, Is there any major heart problems in your family."

"No, why would you ask such a stupid question."

"Turn around." Afjal moved his head around to see Pankaj, alive and well. Afjal screamed like a school girl and fell to the ground. Pankaj and Steven both laughed because they were amused at Afjal's cowardice. Steven broke the laughter to ask Pankaj where he's been.

"Where was I ? I'm not sure on what happened at all. Sorry. It was just that..." Pankaj paused.

"Just that what ?" Said the recovering Afjal.

"That I woke up in the alleyway behind 2-4-1...."

"Your kidding, right ?" Steven nudged Pankaj in the arm.


"Then what happened last night then ?" Afjal stood errect like he did when he got his award for "Most likely to get rich" award.

"Listen, this is what happened...."


"It was a cold night to be out on. Especially tonight. It was forecast that there would be a lot of snow. So I ran from Afjal's apartment. But I was hungry. So instead of going directly home, I went to 2-4-1."

"Then what ?" Afjal asked. They (Pankaj, Steve and Afjal) were on their way to school via the 43 Lansdowne.

"Just let him continue." This was Steve's way of telling Afjal to shut up.

"I ordered a nice warm veggie pizza slice to keep warm. But I was late, so I decided to take the back alley home.? Not to my surprise, there was a homeless man there. I minded my business and went on until he grabbed my arm. He asked me for something. I couldn't hear what he was saying. It sounded like "Your Body". Then, three men came out of nowhere and grabbed me. Then they knocked me out."

"That's it ?" Steven wanted to hear more.


"Think harder Pankaj, think about last night."

"XF-Z" Pankaj's mind could not take the impulse of thoughts coming in.

"That word sounds familiar." Steven thought. The bus stopped, so the trio departed the bus to cross the street. There they the beautiful brown haired beauty, Tifa Lockheart.

"Hi guys."

"Hey Tifa" The guys splurted out. Tifa was one of those girls that you would want as an ideaI girlfriend. No matter who or what asks her out. She kept faithful to one guy....Kenneth Hoang.

"So what did you get for Ken's birthday." Tifa spoke in her small, soft voice.

"Oh Damn..." Pankaj said. "I left his present at home, gotta go back home." With that, Pankaj jumped on to the next bus south.

"Well unlike Mr. Forgetful there," Afjal said. "I got him a Badminton racket." Steven mimicked him for awhile because of his perfect self.

"Well Steve," Tifa asked."What about you ?" Steven grinned as he pulled something out of his school bag.

"Igothim....THIS!" Steven wavered out a 10" dagger... Right in front of Afjal's face. He was so startled, he almost wet his pants.

"Wow.."?Tifa was shocked for words. For once, he topped Afjal in this competition. " Kenneth will love it," Tifa perched over to kiss Steven on the cheek. "Bye Steve, later Afjal."

"Man she's hot," Afjal said. "Why don't you ask her out ?"

"Because we've been friends since kindergarten moron, besides,ever since I went to Japan, she and Kenneth loved eachover ever since." Steven replied. "Anyways, let's get to class."

"Yeah but you got to admit one thing..."

"What ?"

"She looks damn good in a skirt." Steven smacked Afjal in the head and walked to school.

"What did I say ?"


"Yusanki.....Yuki....Please don't die on me..."

"I...I'm O.K......Don't worr....I'll..l..liv........"

"Don't leave me...I love....No !"

"She's gone...for now..."

"You bastard..Rot in hell. I loved her all the time I've been here and now she's gone. How can you play god ? I'll....Never forgive you for this...DIE !!!!!"

"You gouge my eye. Fool, you die now..."

"Noooo...Yusanki I...Yusanki.."

"Wake up."


"Yusanki ?"

"I am not Yusanki or whatever you call her."

"What ?" A flood of laughter surrounded the classroom. It was the afternoon. Period C. History.

"Steven. I've talked to you before about sleeping in class. Don't make me call your mother here again."

"But Mr. Vujasic..." Steven just gave up there. Pleading would not help. He fell asleep again in class.

"Now Steven, do you remember what we were talking about in class."

"Ancient Japan and myths ? " Steve answered.

"Correct. Now before class ends. Here is the hand-out that I want studied." Mr. Vujasic handed out many sheets of paper to each student. "The subject isThe Ancient race of the Saiyan-Jin and their culture."

"Saiyan-Jin ? This sounds like a big bore."Steven exclaimed.

"Actually, you'll find this interesting.." Mr.Vujasic trailed back to the lesson.

"Saiyan-Jin, huh." Steven began reading the handout. "In the?year?181 b.c;?a?sacred?race?called?the Saiyan-jin?inhabited?Japan··s˘˘?northern?region. Saiyan-jin Dis?the?Japanese?word?for?Super?Soldier.?They,?were?to?be?believed?for?their?ancient?science?of?bloodIfusion.?Their?name?of?course,?came?from?their?ability?of?super-human?strength?and?mentalIcapabilities.?Their?ki?(mental?ability) was renown by many and almost imitated. But no success."

I"Boring."?Kenneth?yelled?out.?Then?Mr.?Vujacic?threw?him?out?the?hall?.II?"Loser."?Afjal?said?as?he?dug?back?into?the?hand-out?(He?was?already?taking?long?notes?on?twoIsentences).?Steven?decided?to?ask?Mr.?Vujascic?if?he?could?take?a?break.?He?said?make?it?quick.?SoISteve?advanced?down?the?hall?to?find?Kenneth.???I?I"Why?the?hell?are?you?here??"?Kenneth?asked.?He?was?pretty?angry.?He?was?in?the?hall?on?hisIbirthday.???I?D d-@),   D"Just?to?ask?you?where?you?where?last?week?and?what?you?know?on?blood?fusion."???I?I"I?don't?know?shit,?stop?asking?questions."????I?I"Think?harder?before?I?make?love?to?your?woman."?Steven?joked.???I?I"You?woudn't...Well?yes?you?would?but..I..can't..remember."???I?I"So?say?it?out?so?I?can?here?you?!"?Steven?barked.????I?I"Well,?it?all?started?about?a?week?ago..??Kenneth?just?separated?from?Tifa's?house?awhile?ago.?He?wasIwalking?down?the?street,?until?he?saw?a?nice?red-haired?girl?fixing?her?shoes.?He?(being?a?teenageIboy)?was?suckered?into?looking?down?her?cleavage.?She?looked?at?him?and?smiled.?I?I"So?tell?me,?little?man???What's?a?boy?like?you?doing?out?here?at?an?hour?like?this??"?The?womanIasked.?I?I"??Just..uhh."He?was?still?looking?down?her?shirt.?Well,?coming?from?a?friends?house.?Ken?choked.?II"You?want?a?hot?time?"???The?woman?asked.?Kenneth?was?not?listening?still.?The?only?thing?he?wasIfascinated?with?was?her?breasts.?"Hey?you?!"?She?yelled.?This?brought?Kenneth?to?her?attention.??II"Yes?miss??"?He?was?all?shaken?up?by?this.??Call?me?Cindy...?She?said?as?she?waved?her?hair.??II"Yes?Cindy?!"?He?wanted?her?badly.??II"So,?you?wanna?have?some?fun?tonight??"??II?"Sure..."?Kenneth?was?not?forgetting?that?he?had?a?girlfriend?already.?"What?do?you?want?to?do??"IHe?said?with?an?innocent?look?on?his?eyes.??II"I?don't?know.?Maybe?take?off?all?my?clothes?and?lie?on?a?bed."??II"?What.?"?The?woman?began?to?take?off?her?clothes,?first?the?top.?II"Damn!.."?Kenneth?was?surprised?.?All?of??a?sudden?officers?in?blue?grabbed?Kenneth.?"DAMN!,?IIcan't?believe?I?fell?to?that?!,?let?me?go?you?bastards!?The?blue?officers?hit?Kenneth?over?his?head?withItheir?gun.?When?he?woke,?he?notice?he?was?in?a?lab?filled?with?scientists.?"What?the?hell?is?going?on!"IKenneth?yelled.?One?of?the?scientist?went?up?to?Kenneth.II?"Dont?worry,?this?won't?take?long."?And?gave?Kenneth?needle?to?make?him?fall?asleep.??II"You'll?pay?......."?Kenneth?said.?Instantly?he?fell?asleep.??II**************************************************************************

"So?that's?what?happened,?eh??"?Steven?said?as?he?rolled?on?the?ground?laughing?his?head?off?madly.?II"You?idiot,?what?if?Tifa?found?out?about?this???She?would..."??II"She?would?what??"?That?was?Tifa.?She?had?heard?the?entire?conversation.?Tears?in?her?eyes?startedIto?form.?"Kenneth?you?moron,?do?I?not?satisfy?you?enough??"??II"Well?uh,?no..??"II"Kenneth,"??Steven?whispered."?Don't?make?this?as?worse?as?it?is."??II"?Steve,"??Tifa?said,?"Could?you?leave?us?alone?for?a?minute???"?II"?But?if?your?going?to?slap?him..."?II"Just?go?!"?She?pushed?Steven?out?of?the?way.??II"I'm?going?already.?Steven?went?to?the?bathroom?slowly?so?he?could?hear?the?conversation/fight."II?******************************************************************************I"Kenneth?how?could?you??"?She?asked.?More?tears?came?out.??II"I'm?sorry?babe.?I?do?care?about?you.?I?mean?don't?I....?treat?you?right??"?Kenneth?said?with?littleIremorse.??II"?You?treat?me?like?crap,?all?you?do?is?send?me?out?to?get?you?food.?Even?on?our?prom,?I?paid?for?youIand?rented?the?limo.."?She?started?to?wail."You?don't?even?say?you?love?me?anymore?since?we?started?Igoing?steady."II"I?did...Last?week?remember??"II"Liar?!!!"?Steven?called?out?from?down?the?hallII"I?never....NEVER...want?to?see?you?again...I...loved?you....how?could?you.."?She?ran?down?the?hallD ˙#d!   Din?tears.?Suddenly?a?crowd?appeared?out?of?nowhere.II"I?can't?believe?it..Money?can't?buy?love?!"II"He?was?asking?for?it..Even?before?that?limo?stunt."II"Billions?of?dollars?and?he?loses?the?only?girl?he?loves..HA?!"II"I?hear?he's?gay..."II"What?!!"?Kenneth?turned?around?to?see?the?entire?class?of?Mr.?Vujasic's?right?behind?him.D d-@),   D"Well?Kenneth?pal,"?Steven?patted?Kenneth?on?the?head.?"You?win?some..."?II"And?you?lose?some??"?Kenneth?asked¤A ¤.II"Not?in?your?case...You?lost?everything."IIEND?OF?PART?ONE

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