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A Middsummer's Training

"Hey Tifa, are you comfortable ?"

"Yeah !" Replied Tifa in a cheerful way. Kenneth and Tifa were taking a vacation to spend time with each other. "Hey Kenny, are you comfortable ?" asked Tifa. Kenneth was too busy looking at Tifa's chest to pay attention. She was wearing a two piece bathing suit. "Hey Kenny ? Are you listening" Still, Kenneth was taken up by her body not her words. Suddenly a hand slapped Kenneth in the face.

"What was that for ?" Kenneth asked rubbing his now red cheek.

"Oh, did that hurt ?" Tifa asked. Kenneth gave his baby face look and shaked his head.

"Sorry Kenneth, " She replied solemly. "Let me give you a kiss." Another face redning slap was given. "That's for looking at my breasts you pervert !" Tifa stormed her way back to the hotel with a look that said "I'm going to kill you".

"Tifa, I'm sorry ! I love you." Kenneth called out rubbing his even more sore cheek.


Later that evening after Kenneth almost apologize to Tifa about 1000 times and finally forgave him. They decided to go to diner at the finest restaurant in Paris. Tifa was wearing a silk dress with no bra and high heels. Kenneth was trying to keep his pants on.

"That's what would Steven say." He thought. Tifa broke off the silence.

"Don't you think it's romantic that we are going out to a fancy dinner ?"

"I guess so !" Kenneth replied. He was not the romantic type of person. All the billion-dollar playboy wanted to do was fight. Even though he didn't like trainning at all. It was in his blood. As they entered the restaurant and were seated. The conversation continued. "I wonder where Steven is right now." Kenneth said.

"Yeah, I wonder." The two ordered their meal.


Meanwhile in China..

Steven was walking a dusty trail in the nothern province of China. He spent months alone wondering why the woman he loved so dearly would do such a thing to him. He was so hurt that he wanted to kill himself.

"Yusanki, I long for your kiss again, because of you and only you, I wander the world to forget about you." Steven thought. He remembered the scence at Gado's resting grounds. He also remembered the long embrace and her sweet pink lips near his. But he knew it wouldn't last. "At least she knows I love her..." Steven walked a bit more untill he found a clearing. He put down his duffel bag and took out a cell phone. "I'll call Kenneth, maybe it's time I go back." He pondered on what was going on these days. Zeo corp, Pankaj, Mohammed, Phuc and Tifa. "Um, Lesse...1-905-452-7967" A ring was heard.

"This is the Hoang residence..Residence of the West Wing speaking."

"Oh hello Julie.." Steven said calmly.

"Steven !" She almost choked. She had the biggest crush on him.

"I'm glad to hear that you missed me.." Steven said cooly. "So tell me, is Kenneth home ?"


"Do you know where he went ?" Steve questioned.

"Paris..Ah the city of love.." She trailed off. "You could take me there if you could.." She paused. "Steven ?" He had already hung up. "That man.." She thought and went back to her organizing.

"Paris Huh," Steven thought. "I guess he wants time to do...Tifa !?!" He was worried, he knew what type of pervert Kenneth was or so he thought. "Better go before the deed is done." Steve thought of the Eiffel tower. "Concentrate Steve.." He said to himself as he placed his fingers on his forehead. Then with the wind, he disappeared.


Meanwhile in Paris...

"Kenneth, don't you think it's romantic standing alone on the Eiffel tower ?"

"Yeah, I guess so." replied Kenneth. Tifa came torwards Kenneth and said She loved him. They were both ready to kiss. Suddenly, Kenneth's cell phone began to ring. Kenneth let go of Tifa and answered the call. "Hello...Oh hey Stev..." Tifa dragged the phone out of Kenneth's hand.

"Can't you see we're busy ?" She yelled and hung up.

"Busy huh," Steven was right behind the couple. He made the phone call right behind them.

"Steven !" Tifa squealed out as she came to hug him.

"Nice to see you." Kenneth said annoyed.

"Dosen't sound like it." Steven said sarcastically.

"How about that kiss I owe you..." Tifa leaned over.

"Ah..NO!!!" Kenneth pulled them away again.

"O.K we'll do it this way." Steven took of his bag and jacket. "We fight. If I win, I kiss Tifa. If you win, I do 10,000 sit-ups."

"Deal," Kenneth said. Then he teleported out of his clothes and into his Nike T-shirt, matching shorts, socks and shoes as well. Then out of Tifa's travelling bag, he but on his polo jacket.

"What happened to the traditonal gi ?" Steven said.

"Look at you, you didn't change at all." Kenneth retorted.

"Tifa," Steven said sincerly. "Tell your boyfriend he's weak as a flea."

"Tifa," Kenneth mimiced. "Tell Steven he's gay !"

"Start the fight already !" Tifa's voice was shrill. "I'll count you guys off. 3..2..1...FIGHT !" Kenneth advanced forward by starting with a roundhouse kick. Steven dodged it.

"Still aggresive, eh ? Now it's my turn." Steven sped at Kenneth executing a perfect SHO-RYU-KEN to the jaw, making Kenneth fly over the tower bars.

"Tifa....I'm going to fall...Tell my mother I love her.." With that, Kenneth lost grip of the bar and fell.

"Kenneth !" Steven Jumped over the rail after him, but instead of seeing a fallen body. Kenneth was floating and laughing.

"Now that were in the open Steven.." He chuckled. "Ki attacks allowed !" He shot multiple balls of ki at Steven. Steven was a sitting duck until he decided to teleport one kilometre away. Still they followed him.

"Enough of this..." Steven waived himself aginst the onslaught of fireballs. "Shin...KAIHO-KEN !" He flaired up and flew after him. Steven was gaining distance on Kenneth who was about seven metres away from him still shooting balls of ki at the target...Steven.

"What a moron..." Kenneth thought. Kenneth forced a large energy ball at Steven. "Take this.." Steven flew right through it and gave him a spinning roundhouse kick launching him several feet away. Steven teleported over to the flying foe and relentlesly beat him up. Kenneth could only block the onslaught. The final blow knocked him into the ground."Time to finish this !" Steven said. He charged up his remaining energy "HA....DO...KEN !!!" The surge of Ki blasted him deeper into the ground.

"Wow..." Tifa thought. "I never knew Steven could actually do that." She picked out the binoculars in Ken's traveling bag. As she looked, she saw the already beaten Kenneth in the ground. "Oh no.." Tifa said.

"Maybe I was too hard on him." Steven thought landing on the ground. "As much of a slacker he is...I've got to admit he's pretty damn good."

"Steven....You bastard !" Kenneth called out.

"Kenneth....." Steven felt Kenneth's ki rising.

"You burned my jacket and made a fool of me in front of my woman..." A strange yellow glow surrounded his body turning into spikey flames. "Now....She won't even respect me because of my weakness." His hair began to rise and turn a golden yellow.

"His power's increasing..." Steven thought. "If I can bid myself some time. I can do the same. " Steven powered up for another attack.

"You won't beat me this time..." Kenneth said in an angry tone. "You...will..ARGGGHHH!!" The ki was enormous. Kenneth's now new spikey golden hair waved up in down in aura. His green eyes flashed in power. "Lose..." He launched himself at Steven. Steven now was getting the result of his attack on Kenneth.

"Your not going to win this way...." Steven thought. He made a lunging kick in the fray of Kenneth's fist. Kenneth suprisingly took the blow and blasted his in the chest with a ball of ki. It sent Steven soaring several miles away.

"HA !" Kenneth called out. "Steven is finished.." Tifa appeared out of nowhere next to Kenneth.

"Say Kenneth, what happened to your hair." Tifa asked.

"Oh that..." Kenneth made his ki reside and vanish, still leaving the golden hair. "That's in case Steven comes back..." But he didn't come back. They waited several minutes.

"Now will you let down your hair.." Tifa asked.

"Not yet.." Kenneth played with his hair. "I like it..."

"I don't." Tifa replied. "It makes you look like a war-torn battle master." She yelled. "Besides, I like the cute, kind Kenneth."


Steven was trailing in concrete. He had just landed there because of how Kenneth dispatched him. Many people from the city started to stare at Steven. He couldn't understand what the where saying so he flew off. They, the people ran in fear because they did not know what he just did. "I can't believe Kenneth just did that.." Steven was nearing the field outside of the Eiffel Tower. "He turned into that..Thing and whooped my ass." He stopped in mid-air for a second. "I know how he does it.." With that he flew off at twice the speed.


"Where's Steven ?" Tifa asked. Kenneth had turned his hair back to normal. He figured that Steven wasn't going to come back anytime soon.

"I guessed I knocked him into next week." Kenneth grinned.

"Your so strong. Tifa cooed.

"I guess I am.." Kenneth said flexing his muscles. "He's such a weakling.."

"I don't think so.." Steven said hovering above the two people.

"Steven !" Tifa cheered. "You're back !"

"Hey, whose side are you on ?" Kenneth mumbled. "Ready to lose again ?"

"Lose ?" Steven said. "The match has only begun..." "Suit yourself." Kenneth transformed again, teleported and bashed Steven's back into the cold, hard ground.

"Shin-Kaio-Ken !" Steven powered up and charged at Kenneth. They were attacking each other at full speed. Steven finally landed a punch at Kenneth. He grinned.

"You call that a hit..." Kenneth blasted him to the ground again.

"Bastard..." Steven moaned in pain. "Shin-Kaio-Ken 6 Dan !!" Steven yelled. This was the the 6th level God's will technique. Kenneth knew what power it weld. Steven charged torwards Kenneth at ramming speed. The two started the fray again. Once again, Steven ended the stalemate with a punch again. Kenneth fell to the ground.

"Now...You made me...MAD !" Kenneth's aura powered up more almost surrounding Steven's ki.

"I can't let this happen again..." Steven charged up. "HA-DO-KEN !!" Kenneth easily flew right through it and smashed Steven down again for the the last time.

"Give up.." Kenneth said. Steven cluched his fist in sheer anger. Sweat poured down into his eyes. "Give up !!!" He teleported down and grabbed his head pulling it. "Give up..Tell Tifa I'm stronger." Steven mumbled something. "What ? Speak up..I can't hear you."

"Bissarou.." Steven punched Kenneth in the jaw at full force. He went falling back. Steven's ki rised tremendously.

"What the hell is he doing ?" Tifa asked the sore rubbing Kenneth. Steven's hair started to turn a golden yellow.

"He's powering up..." Kenneth replied. "Kenney...What did that word Bissarou mean ?" Tifa asked.

"Desperation.." Kenneth charged at Steven. He volleyed rapid punches at Steven but he took them all.

"Baka !" Steven's body thundered violently with golden spikey aura.

"He..didn't even feel it." Kenneth stammered. "I've got to end this." Kenneth cluched his hands together. "Finishu....Huh.." Steven sped a Kenneth ramming him causing a enormous explosion. Inside the blast, Steven started a fury of punches and kicks on him.

"Oh my god !" Tifa cried out. Finally as the blast subdued, Kenneth was catupulted to the ground. "Kenneth..Give up." Tifa cried.

"No.." Kenneth went back into a weary stance. "It's not over yet." Tifa then turned to the power-filled Steven.

"Steven..Please end this." Tifa cried.

"If you insist.." Steven charged torwards Kenneth. He launched a fist at His stomach. "Shin..." Steven called out. "Sho..RYU-KEN !!" Steven launched him several miles upwards. Steven panted and turned back to Tifa. "So, how's about that kiss.." Steven's lips connected with a hand. "What was that for ?" Steven asked rubbing his sore gingerly.

"That's for hurting my Kenneth." Tifa yelled. "I can't believe you just did that. You punched him so damn far up that he won't be back down for awhile."

"And why not." Steven pointed to the wounds on his chest. "Look what he did to me." He grumbled.

"I'll tend to your wounds.." Tifa said. "On one condition."

"What ?" Steven layed down on the grass pulling of his shirt.

"Don't hit Kenneth again." She got out the iodine. Steven crossed his fingers.

"Sure.." he grinned. "On one condition."

"What ?" Tifa said rubbing the iodine on the wounds.

"Ouch.." He cried out. "I'll think about it."


Meanwhile..Fifty-thousand feet in the air...

Kenneth was still speeding up in mid-air until he crashed into a passenger plane. "Holy.." Too late..His head landed into the Stewardess lounge of the plane.

"Pull him up.."

"Oh he's cute..."

"Isn't that the guy on T.V."

"I think he's hot." Kenneth knew that he was going to have a good time.


As Tifa cleaned up Steven's wounds. She began to speak on the old days. "Steven.." She asked. "What ever happened to us ?"

"I don't know.." Steven replied. "What do you mean ?"

"Wait a second..I need to wrap the wounds up." Tifa said.

"It's okay..I can last." He replied.

"It can get infected." She took of her top.

"Er..What are you doing ?" Steven asked staring at Tifa's bra.

"I'm wrapping the wounds." She replied. "Besides, it won't keep anyone from not looking at me." She laughed.

"I guess so.." Steven said still staring. "Pink does you pretty good." Steven joked around tugging on her bra strap.

"Oh stop that." She tapped him lightly on the chest. "Now the answer to this question." She lied her back on the grass. The wind in the grass played with her hair. She made a meaningful glance at Steven. " You remember our true vow, don't you."

"Yes..why ?"

"Well I don't want to break it, and I love Kenneth a lot, but.."

"But what.." He grabbed her hand. "You can tell me anything." He rested his head back as Tifa layed her head on his bandaged chest. "Remember when we where in Grade 3 ?" Steven said. "We always held hands like this."

"Steven.." She smiled. "I can't believe how you can remember all these things." She then finally stated what she had to say. "Something holds me back..Something that I don't want to lose either at all."

"Is it me ?" Steven said solemly.

"I..don't know.." Tifa replied. The two looked up for awhile hoping Kenneth would come down to break the tension. "Steven.."

"Yes Tifa.." He whispered.

"Do you love me ?" She whispered back.

"Of course I do. Your my best friend." Steven held her tight.

"I a soulmate..a lover..a person you date..." She whispered. Steven's heart skipped a beat. He could tell her the truth, his real feelings, or, lie. He didn't want Kenneth to be without a girlfriend.

"'ll always be my soulmate, I do love you much so but something holds me back too."

"Yusanki ?" Tifa whispered.

"I don't know.." Steven remembered the time he asked Yusanki for a date...


"Yuki !!!" Steven ran around the dojo entrance to find Yusanki after a long lesson on self-awareness. The subject didn't matter to him at all. The only thing he concentrated on was Yuki. "Damn her.." Steven silently cursed under his breath. This always happened, Steven and Gado would be in the field training, then when he came back, she'd be gone. It never really bothered Steven at at all unless it had something to do with him. In this case, a date.

"Looking for Yusanki ?" A voice behind Steven said.

"Hiditio..Why do you care ?" Steven shrugged of the 20 year old Martial Arts student. "It's none of your business." Hiditio swiped something out of Steven's gi. "Hey.."

"Movie tickets ?" Hiditio had a sly grin on his face. "My guess is courtship for the Sensei's daughter." Steven swiped the tickets out of his hand.

"You guessed right this time, Idiot..." Steven mumbled.

"Go ahead and date her..I don't care at all.." Steven was just about to run again. "But be warned...I will marry her." Steven ignored him totally. Finally running down to a brook, he spotted Yusanki sitting by the front of it.

"Yusanki.." Steven noticed that she was crying.

"Leave me alone.." She cried and faced the other direction. Steven, let alone anyone else had seen her cry at all. Steven touched her shoulder. "I said leave me alone.."

"Yusanki.." He whispered in her ears. "What's wrong ?" She remembered the voice. She turned around to see Steven sitting next to her.

"Steven-san..." She whispered. "I'll tell you..Only you.."

"Go ahead.." Steven said.

"Just don't tell my father.." She replied and began her story. "Usually, since I am a girl, I have to marry the heir to the dojo. But usually.." She chuckled a little. This was the Yusanki he knew. "I found my way out of it." She began to cry again. "But now...I have to marry that Hiditio..And he's..he's just horrible."

"Then how come you can't sneek out of this one ?" Steven asked.

"You don't understand Steven. Let me explain..You see, after my 16th birthday, I have to be proposed to someone or else the claim can't be stated and the Final Techniques can't be learned."

"Ah.." Steven didn't understand one word she was saying at all. "What..Special Techniques ?"

"Each generation. A scroll is released out of a seal in the nothern temple. The Kurasangi clan gives the scroll to the new heir or new clan leader."

"Now I get it..So Shin Kaio-Ken and Ha-Do-Ken, and Tatsu-Maki-Sempu-Kyaku were.."

"Special Techniques of the Older generations." Yusanki replied. "Variations have been made to enhance these moves...but those where forgotten long ago."

"What about the Sho-Ryu-Ken ?" Steven asked puzzled. "Isn't that one of the ancient moves ?"

"No, actually, the move is a variation from another move called Hiryu-Shoten-Ha. Many belive that the spirit of the Dragon could be channeled from this."

"So what happened to the original move itself ?" Steven said.

"I don't know. A group of ancient Amazons happen to know the technique and others more powerful than Shotokan Shin-Kai-Ken martial arts."

"Hey Yusanki, you stopped crying." Steven exclaimed.

"But my heart still grieves." Yusanki said in woe. Steven took out the movie tickets.

"What are those ?" She exclaimed.

"These are the cure to your woe.." Steven said. "I know this is a bad time to ask you, but would you go out on a date with me ?" Steven blushed.

"Sure !" Yusanki cried again. "Nobody's done as ask me for anything at all. I was wondering when you would...If you would.." She hugged him.

"So I guess it's settled then." Steven said happily. He was going to date the most beautiful girl he ever met. "I love you.." he thought.


"It's the past now.." Steven thought. "Tifa.."

"Steven.." Tifa peered into his eyes and kissed him. The kiss was short but sweet, they needed it because they needed each other. Friends, as Steven knew, could only care not love.

"Do I love Tifa.." Steven pulled away from the kiss. "Or am I using her as a substitute for Yusanki." Steven almost wanted to cry.. Something that he never did. He put his head down as tears formed in his brown eyes. "Why ?" He thought.

"Steven.." She hugged him. "I know..I just wanted to know if that was true..I wanted to know so I could be true to myself." Steven smiled.

"Me too.." Steven thought. "And we.."

"Found our answers.."

End of part 1