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It was the last day of the month, probably the last time the friends of the XFZ team would see each other again. Today, was their day to live or die. The seven newly dubbed golden and saiyian warriors stood in front of a vacant city once populated by thousands.

The leader, Steven, headed the group waiting for the challenge. All he wanted was to end this once and for all. He remembered the responsibility of being a warrior. Steven knew it even meant paying the ultimate sacrifice. But he knew it couldn't end that way. There, he thought of Yusanki, sweet gentil Yusanki. All those years lost with her are being restored. All those dreams of she leaving him he had before. He did not want to lose her by death. Love hath no bounds he thought. He looked at Gado's Daitio, a cherished weapon that was passed on to him. Gado gave his life for him. And now, Steven's life for the world. It couldn't end this way. Not at all, not ever.

The one next to him was Kenneth, the second golden warrior. His black hair blew in the wind, the wind of the dry eerie city. But his mind lay elsewhere. The thoughts of Tifa's laugh were brought to mind. All the joy in it was needed at this time. He knew in his heart that he loved Tifa and probably wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Even though she may have had some lost feeling for Steven in the past, she loved him now more than ever. Celebrating the love they have for each other was really the main problem. He left Tifa back at his place to be safe from all harm. He couldn't lose her in such a fight, even if it meant him to die.

He turned to Pankaj, the third golden warrior, he thought nothing that actually had no concern of the battle. He had nothing to lose or nothing to gain from this battle. All he wanted was the fight. But to him, the fighting hid his true feelings torwards people. He remembered once when he went to dinner with girlfriend Michelle. She once asked him if he ever laughed out of joy. Pankaj actually laughed at her. Even though he knew it wasn't nice. He needed it. And now he needed her. He was sure he couldn't die, but the stakes were high and he knew if Steven died, he couldn't get his fight to the finish.

Phuc, or Jon he would rather be called. The fourth golden warrior sat on a piece of building that had been devastated earlier by the beta version ZeoBots. Phuc thought of the things that he wanted to be when he was younger. He wanted to save the world from mass destruction, Have superpowers and have a beautiful girlfriend. Thanks to Steven, he had gotten all 2 of out 3 chances. He had gotten his blood because of a blood transfusion from a car accident making him B and Saiyian-jin, resulting in giving him extrodinary ki power. But the last one was yet to be resolved, the day before. He had met that girl named Sakura in Japan, she was the beautiful girl he was waiting for. It couldn't end like this.

Mohammed, the fifth golden warrior stood atop one of the few still standing buildings. His new teacher Pankaj was calm but steady. But Mohammed wasn't. He wasn't ready to fight, even though the had more power that Phuc. Mohammed was the youngest of the group, but still he was treated equally. He, at first he didn't want to go because he wanted to ogle Tifa. But he went to prove that he's not a pervert..But a warrior.

Albert, the second general of the hidden province, and now the sixth golden warrior was waiting. Waiting is what he does and waiting is what he does best. He has waited for a long time training for this moment. This was the time to prove himself to all that he is to be respected among kings and queens. Especially the one named Lem. She was the new Queen of the hidden province since her father died at the hands of Genditio. He knew that he would get him back to avenge the Emperor, and probably save Mi-Na. But what would that do to Lem's heart. He knew inside that Lem honestly loved Steven because not only did he treat her like a person. He treated her like a friend. Not someone to be served. It drove him mad. She even wanted to marry him at one point. Defeating Steven after this battle would do it. He would get what he waited for.

Yusanki stood by Steven's side. She wasn't a golden warrior, but she had fifty percent Saiyian blood corsing through her veins. It wasn't the fight, nor the revenge she seeked, She knew her father couldn't come back even after killing Genditio. She came because of Steven. Long ago, she never really addressed her feelings for him until three years ago. Now, she'll never leave his side. If he dies, she'll die inside..She'll be alone.

Warriors, the world calls them. Seven of the strongest people in the world form together to stop a common cause. But for what reasons..It all means indiffrence....


Afjal stood atop another building parallel to the one that Phuc was on. He was using a highly polaric binocular to see if Genditio would try to pull something. "All clear guys, I guess he decided to run away."

"Don't be to sure about that one..." Phuc replied. "Look !" At the other side. A whole army of ZeoBorgs were about to swarm the city. Phuc floated down next to Steven. "We've got ZeoBorgs coming at six o'clock." Afjal aimed his binoculars south.

"My God..There must be at least 5000." Afjal exclaimed. He climbed down the ladder to the ground. "Steven, where are the Zeobots ?" Afjal asked. Suddenly a large crunch was heard. "It's Godzilla.." Afjal jumped up and down screaming.

"No Afjal, worse..It's a Zeobot." Steven replied. More thumping sounds where heard. "Correction..Three ZeoBots." Three massive robots stood 3 kilometers away from the group.

"That damn Surendra.." Kenneth cursed. "His fat ass tricked us." Kenneth flared up in anger. "If I get my hands on that bastard I'll kick my foot so far up his.."

"Kenneth !" Steven yelled. "No time for this..Besides, if anyone is going to finish off Surendra, it's me." Steven grouped everybody together for a huddle. "Now remember the plan. We split up in three." He pointed to Kenneth and Pankaj. "Ken, Punk..We'll go for the Zeobots..We're the Alpha team.." He pointed to Albert, Phuc and Mohammed. "Al, Phuc and Moe..You take on the ZeoBorgs..You're the Beta team. Al.."

"Yes Steven.." He replied solemly.

"I'm leaving you as head of this group." Steven said. He pointed to Yusanki. "Yuki..As much as I hate to do this, you and Afjal will guard the main post..Protect him Yusanki..You're the omega team."

"All right.." Afjal said. "Now for my part.." He handed out portable communication devices. "This is for you to communicate to each other for backup when needed."

"Right..I don't want anyone dying on me." Steven said. "If your group is ready Albert..You can go.."

"All set." Albert replied.

"Kenneth, Pankaj.." He nodded.

"Ready.." Pankaj replied.

"Anytime.." Kenneth answered. Yusanki walked up to Steven and kissed him.

"That's for good luck.." She said. Steven blushed.

"OOOOOhhhhhhh!!!!" The guys chirped. "Steven and Yusanki sitting in a tree.."


"Kenneth !" Steven yelled. Steven was in love with her but showing it in front of the guys was something that he usually doesn't do. "Let's go.." Steven flew off in the direction of the ZeoBots.

"Adios.." Kenneth flew off after Steven. Yusanki mumbled something that sounded like "good riddance".

"Good Luck.." Pankaj said coldly. "You need it.." Pankaj flew off as well.

"Is he always like that ?" Yusanki asked Moe.

"Yep..Can't seem to argue with the son-of-a-bitch." He replied.

"Phuc, Moe..Let's go." Albert commanded and flew off in the opposite direction.

"Bye Yusanki !" Jon flew off after Albert waving. She turned around to see Moe still standing next to her.

"Get going Moe, before you get left behind." She yelled.

"I can't go.." Moe replied. "I need some insentive." Yusanki stared at him like he was out of his mind.

"And what can I do to help then ?" Yusanki asked. Mohammed's eyes flashed up, this was the chance of a life time.

"You could take off all your clothes and..." Yusanki growled at Mohammed. "Or I could just go.." Mohammed flew away in fear.

"Of all the nerve.." Yusanki yelled.

"Hey Yusanki !" Afjal yelled. "Could we get moving now ?"

"Sure Afjal." She sighed. "Steven, come back alive.."


Steven sped torwards the open plains. Three Zeobots awaited the golden warrior's death. But Steven didn't come alone. Two others flew at his side, both golden warriors. But fighting wasn't the only thing on his mind. He felt a guilt that he never felt before. This guilt came from his friend Kenneth. Even though they never saw eye to eye on most things, they were friends more or less. Moreover, his girlfriend Tifa was his best friend. Honestly, he had more feelings torwards her than anyone else. He had to tell Kenneth what happened in Paris. He sighed in sorrow.

"What's up with you Steven ?" Kenneth asked.

"There's something I've got to tell you Kenneth.." Steven replied.

"I knew you were gay !" Kenneth smacked the palm of his hand on his fist.

"Would you shut up for once !" Steven yelled. "Do you know how serious this thing is that I'm going to tell you ?" Steven rested his body down on the grass. "Kenneth, sit down." Kenneth sat on a nearby tree. "Kenneth, do you love Tifa ?"

"Of course I do !" Kenneth replied.

"Through thick of thin ?"

"Yes.." Kenneth replied. "Why are you asking me these questions ?"

"Kenneth..I..I.." Steven studdered. He didn't want Kenneth to be hurt, so he turned his head. "I kissed Tifa." Steven looked at Kenneth.

"And so what ?" Kenneth said proudly. "You guys are friends, a kiss on the cheek is casual.."

"It wasn't the cheek." Steven replied. "It was on the lips."

"Oh..Well she owed you that kiss anyways." Kenneth said giving false laughs.

"No..There was more to that kiss." Steven replied.

"You're making this hard on me aren't you ? You're testing me to see if I love Tifa right ?" Kenneth yelled. Steven stood there. "Answer me you son of a bitch !" Kenneth punched him. "What now ? Did you make love to her too ?" Steven took the punch and sighed. He knew this discussion was not going anywhere.

"I didn't, it was only a kiss.." Steven replied. Kenneth began to smile again.

"Thank god.." Kenneth said on his knees. "I thought you did something lewd with her." Steven just wasn't getting through to him. Maybe he wasn't the right person for Tifa.

"Kenneth you bastard !" Steven returned the punch to Kenneth. "Just listen for once. I didn't just kiss her..I..liked it.."

"Who wouldn't ?" Kenneth replied rubbing the sore on his arm. "It's not unatural to like kissing girls."

"No..I loved it. And at that time, I..loved her. It was like a doorway that was never explored before. Kissing the friend that you cared about for so long, finally getting that chance." Steven lingered his eyes into the sky. "That's..What I had to tell you before anything happens."

"What did she say ?" Kenneth said fuming angry.

"She was curious.." Steven replied. "She wanted to see how it feel for us to be together." Steven turned to Kenneth. He was in total complete shock. "Kenneth, I'm sorry.."

"No, I'm sorry for meeting you !" Kenneth yelled. "I should have known. All those glances she gave you. The way she talked to you. Even the way she hugs you. It's all diffrent than the way she cares about me."

"Kenneth, that's not true..She loves you more than me.." Steven sighed again. "In fact, that's why I'm afraid. She's always with you."

"Whaa.." Kenneth replied.

"Ever since I came back, we never had that bond between us anymore. I felt depressed after that and now that Yusanki and I are..well you get it. The thought still lingered in my fragile mind." Steven sighed again. "In fact, for you, I'll stop speaking to her altogether if it will make you feel better." Kenneth couldn't believe what Steven was saying. It wasn't at all like him to give up on something he cared about. That hurt Kenneth. All this time he'd been thinking about only him and Tifa. He was being very selfish in that manner.

"Steven.." He said. "Don't."

"What !" Steven replied.

"Tifa thinks the world of you. You're her best friend. You're the one she goes to when she feels bad. In fact, if you weren't her best friend, I don't know where our relationship would have gone." Kenneth choked a litte. "Taking Tifa out of your life would kill you anyways."

"If you think so.." Steven said unsure of what Kenneth was thinking. He put out his hand for a shake. "Friends.."

"Friends." Kenneth took the hand and shook it. "Now that everything's cool between us...Let's kick some ass."

"Now you're talking." Kenneth and Steven faced Pankaj who was dozing off on a nearby valley. "Pankaj you lazy-ass, get the hell up !" Pankaj shrugged his head and got up.

"It's about time you guys stopped with your dramatic *I love you* crap." Pankaj said casually. "Love is for the weak, the pathetic, the dickless..the.."

"So Pankaj," Kenneth replied. "Weren't you dating Michelle since grade 6 ?"

"Yeah," Steven replied. "That was before either of us were dating." Steven laughed. "I guess you're the love master."

"Master..Bator." Kenneth laughed. The two flew off in the direction of the massive ZeoBots.

"I hate them.." Pankaj flew off after the pair.


Albert, Phuc and Moe were flying into what had been the town square of this small city. Albert was the leader of this team. He couldn't feel that certain joy in his heart, the joy of battle. This day could be it. This could be the day he dies.

"Would you wait up ?" Moe said flying after Albert.