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Street Fighter 2World Warrior Faq


Hado-Ken : + Any Punch

The Ultimate trademark move of Capcom. Great move in Street Fighter. Used by a good player...The fireball can corner-trap a player well. If a player tries to jump. Counter with a jab dragon punch.

Tatsumaki-sempu-kyaku: + Any Kick

The Second Trade mark move of Capcom. A good player can use this to also corner-trap opponents. NOTE: This can be countered with a Dragon Punch.

Sho-Ryu-Ken: + Any Punch

All I have to say about this move is that if you haven't heard about this move...You shouldn't be here. The Sho-Ryu-Ken or Dragon Punch (Lamers call it this anyways) is unstoppable at all times. Of course, if you miss the timing,especially after a Fierce punch Sho-Ryu-Ken. You can bet the match will be over soon.


100 Hand Slap:Tap Punch rapidly

By far, the game's cheapest move. Best to be used in the corner. Can occasionaly stop fireballs from travelling in your way

Sumo Head Butt:Charge then + Any punch

Never in my life have I seen such a predictable move before. Never,use this move to show of to your opponent. Especially when it happens to be a good Ken/Ryu player. It can be countered and avoided by using a jab punch or kick. Don't say I warned you if you use this bullshit move.


Electricity:Tap Punch rapidly

Blanka's coolest move until SS2:TNW. The good thing about this move is that you can use it as a landing spot for jumping opponents. It is also good for close range attacks. The cons, well first of all, it has that eye for an eye thing. Let's say if your opponent were to jump kick you, if you pulled of the shock move, you and your opponent would trade hits. Therefore, making this a Kamakazimove. Also, don't do this move at a sweep range to your opponent. He can easily trip you from far distances.

Forward Ball:Chargethen + Any punch


Sonic Boom:Charge B,F + P
Flash Kick:Charge D,U + K


Spinning Bird Kick:Charge D,U + K
Lightning Kick:Tap K


Spinning Clothesline:2P
Spinning Pile Driver:360 + P


Yoga Fire: + Any Punch P
Yoga Flame + Any Punch

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