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The Lives of the People Behind Team XFZeo

Ikzue Hikari!

Back from the void of the XFZ Chronicles, Hikari becomes someone that he never wanted to be...A homepage designer. Well who could blame the sorry jerk in the first place. He brought it on himself being a created being of X-FactorZ and another group of people who we are currently suing. Of course, he'll be paying all the bills when we do finish this case. Sad, but true, Team XFZeo is suing the Sailor Scouts for copying our cool poses. But they still don't know the dance of the eight maidens.

On the scale of what character he is, he comes from a void known as the Ashura, the world between worlds, the void. Being one of the first born of the clan of earth protectors (Elemental-jin). He is half angel and half saiyan. His father, Arcane Xavioss, deflected from the high angels to continue a life on earth, leaving his job to his long-lost son, Hikari. Which gives him the worst job of all...Choosing who's guilty, Arcane was the 19th angel, the angel of Divine Justice. Hikari didn't know of these deeds until he met Justice. You see, before he came to earth, he never knew of his family, he literally was brainwashed of all the deeds he did on Ashura, the lives he took, the souls he saved, and the power he wield. He took the mortal name of Hikari and lived on earth for 17 years of his life, wielding the sword of divinity which the nature of the sword is unknown. For what is known now is that he is Power Reborn, in strength and in heart.

Question Remains is this.....How do angels have children?

Theme: Hikari Steven Swain: In Spite of One's Age


Second in command to me(Lone Trunks/X-FactorZ). Galford is busy working on some new stuff for this homepage while he's trying to pick up girls for me at the same time(No, I did not give him money). At any rate, he hopes that the sailor scouts could pay us royalties in dates. And yes, I smacked him upside the head VERY hard after this. I WANT CASH DAMN IT, AND BLOOD, AND I said that. Galford did! I swear it! I swear it! I just hope we win this case.

In Galford's world, he is the father of Hikari, Arcane in a mortal form. Natural hatred between these two are normal because of that fact, but Hikari just doesn't know why. Galford does care and protect for his son with his dog poppy. But Hikari still doesn't know this. He thinks Galford and Arcane are two different people. He currently broke all ties with his first love because of obvious reasons (*hack, cough* She had a child with another man *wheeze*). And now hangs around with Haohmaru and Matt Yazama if possible when Akane isn't trying to kill him.

Question of Merit? Where do Poppy's Puppy Patrol come from?

First Born of the Yagami/Nikaido clan and lots more: Lone Trunks Briefs

Yes I, Lone Trunks Briefs, the master of...well I don't know really, is here to write about himself. Naturally, I'm gifted in that type of speaking art. Why? Because I have a big mouth. Sometimes I wish I could just be happy with my moral life. Why does this world have to be so hard to live in? Why can't I please everyone? There I go again. The reason I started this "Sue the sailor scouts" thing was because those Sailor Scouts think they're Saiyan. Oy! I don't know why they think they can't be defeated because of the powers of "good" and "love". That is a good case and all. But I wanted to sue for stealing our dance moves! You wouldn't believe what gets into court these days.

In my world, I'm the normal avenging hero that takes the place of Arcane until Hikari knows that I can't handle it. I died saving several people in my time and also died of a broken heart and was "awoken" by my dark side. I control the flames of Moon. The purple flames of the Orochi, and the Blue Thunder, the lightning of the Nikaido clan and of the guardians of sky. Recently, I gave my heart (literally) to a friend of mine. Her heart rests in my body as well. She even wields my flames. It's a sad story for Lone Trunks Briefs. Full of heartbreak and sorrow. One day, he'll find another soulmate (since his first one ran off with Matt Yazama), and be a happy man.

An Answered Question? Just how many women did I have in my life?

Total: 15

Lone Trunks Briefs: Raging Storm

The End? What about the Partial Members?

Well...I can't add them yet since they didn't join fully, or those members that quit ever since school started (Kyo, Gouki and Goku) or went on to their own homepages. Like I said, new members are welcome to grace the Neo Street Fighter Homepage with their own personal style if they'd like to. Almost like contributing artists.

From Galford and Hikari: *whisper* Bunch of crap I tell ya! Those members left because we punked them off in a bare knuckle/foot brawl. We won and half of them left on a vote!

I'm soon going to put a "Women of the Month" part at the bottom! So look for it soon!

From Hikari: *whisper* I can't believe he didn't choose Yusanki! She's much more hotter than that little twit Akane!


~Lone Trunks Briefs~

Lady   of   the   Month:   Choice   of   Lone   Trunks   Briefs  

Spirit_of_Akane999, also known as, AKANE YAZAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurrah for the Lady of the Month! Let her name be praised!

Yes, the woman that kicks people with the boot of greatness, has won the Lady of the month award for the XFZ page! Her words, not threats, captivated me to making her our number one for this month! She will recieve total worship from all the guys at the XFZ crew and will be adored to all! Hikari and Galford questions me to this day why I chose her, and I know if Tom was part of team XFZeo, I'd be Rei Ayanami. Maybe next month! If you have a goddess that considers to be our lady of the month...You know where the guestbook is!