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What's New at the N.S.F.H.P

What's New as of March 30, 1998

Well, for starters, I've opened up my codeguide section with a new link, played Marvel VS Capcom to the death and bought K.O.F '95. Most people say the K.O.F series sucks. But with SNK's determination, They made the games with better improvements again and again and again. Must say though, lately it has been a harrowing task sorting my e-mail and writing on the net. So give me time and some new stuff will apear gradually.

What's New as of Febuary 5, 1998

New this time is the release of Marvel VS Capcom or Capcom VS Marvel is in Canada. Of course, we all know that this is almost the last straw for this series of games. Let's see SNK VS Capcom or Dragon Ball Z VS Capcom or maybe... well you get the picture. Anyways, I will see if start a faq for this game providing I finish my first one (Street Fighter 2: World Warrior). Also, read chapter 3 of my fan-fiction.

What's New as of January 19, 1998

Are you completly dunce ? My homepage is New. I've moved to tripod because angelfire sucks. I'm slowly moving all my files out till there is nothing left in angelfire. So bear with me if you can't read chapter two of X-Men VS Street Fighter yet.

What's New as of December 16, 1997

One week after I started this page. First, I have background music for my web page. I hope you like it. Second, My Faq page has now opened up for those who still don't know how to play Street Fighter. I pity them. Third, My image gallery is still not complete so forgive me. Fourth, I still await my submission to the Video Game Fan Fiction ring and the Street Fighter Web ring. If any of you know those guys or are (cough....cough...Viewing...cough....Think my page sucks...cough...neglect..cough..etc...) let them know to submit me. It all starts when I was 7 years old when I first played Street Fighter. I'm a vetran of this game. And I can't join their little club. Harumph... And lastly fifth. My fan-fiction story continues with chapter one on Thursday

What's New as of December9, 1997

What's new you ask ? Well for starters, it's this page. Yep, good ' ol X-FactorZ himself has got himself a News page. Cool Huh ? Well I have to tell you about my new fan-fiction story called "X-Men VS Street Fighter". It's all about the meeting of these two ultimate teams. The fall of Akuma and the Manhunt of Ryu.

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