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One Month of Life? Impossible!

Hold the press everyone! Is judgement day upon us? What about the holy wars that started almost more than 6000 years ago? Why does no one remember it? From talking to Tom Dyron, who happens to be the 18 angel of humanity, our savior in a loose sense, said that no one could remember because this event didn't take place on earth. What does this leave this reporter to conclude?

"We're screwed...."

"Frankly, we don't know what to do at all!" said Akane Yazama, new head of the Kushinada clan. A tribe that defeated these "Angels" 6000 years ago. The other tribes are going to hold a conference next week friday to discuss what can be done to stop this terror. We went to Nerv 2 to find out from Head Commander Fugisawa about this crisis.

"Nerv will use all of it's technology and devices to bring down this nemisis!" quoted Fugisawa we have yet to know what the military or any of the other clans in the void of Ayenee will do.

What do we do?

As of now, there is no panic because of the disbelief of many people in the world of Ayenee. A long time ago, the 19th Angel Justice appeared to earth and slaughtered approximately 12 eremento-jin and injured thousands. Of course, this is nothing right now, but we must take this into consideration...
Angels are near invincible...
According to our source on angels, Mattaku Yazama states to us that the Angels have a holy barrier which keeps even unclean things, out of their "personal space". Dubbed the light of mind barrier because Angels have extreme will. With that, they create a barrier with light, air and their own will with some angelic matter to create this indestructable force. From the confession of the Angel himself. They may or may not attack the regular civilization, only those that stand in their way. What can we do as of now? They are angels of divinity! Does this explain the absence of several Bloodtides? The only answer is that...Judgement is finally upon us. If I'm not alive in one month, I've probably died fighting for the world I live in.

More on this report once the US Military responds....
-Hiditio Nikaido
"Temporary Leader of the Eremento-jin"