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Xaepher Atone: General Asshole and all around good guy ^_^!

An Ode to the persona of Xaepher Atone

X-Fusion Zero Steven Swain
When Hikari News Network got a phone call that we were able to interview such a great man, we literally jumped for joy. Well that, and also that we were very desperate on finding someone to interview. Seeing that as our main priority, we swooped him up via helicopter to the head office in Nermia, Japan to speak his mind on what Ayenee is to him. So without further ado, the interview of Xaepher Atone.

HNN (Hikari): So Mr. Atone? What the hell do you think about the news?

Xapher: What I think about it is that I think its a shame how no one else cares. I like it though except I hate to watch it and my hometown's paper sucks shit. **this isn't live right?** Oh yeah I think its a nice job you are doing with the HNN Though i would like more updates.

HNN (Hikari):What do you mean "updates"? We have several clans ready to kill us if we report! What do you recommend?

Xapher: I meant that you only write an editorial/article once every two weeks. If you are going to be sucessful, you need more damn it.

HNN (Hikari): Oh, Ok then...Moving along, why is it that good doesn't fight evil anymore?

Xapher: I wouldn't say that that is completely true but for the matter at hand. Its becuase everyone is misguided and really not sure who they are. If they fought then they might kill one of the people who they might be. Make any sense?

HNN (Hikari): No, but were writing it down anyways...Do you consider yourself to be an evil person?

Xapher: Kinda but I feel I can only be bad because I still have morals which I would like to get rid of but they just stick there.

HNN (Hikari): So, let's get down to the dirty stuff, who do you think is the hottest woman in Ayenee *holds up Selena Lightdemon forever T-shirt*?

Xapher: Hmm..... Hard one. I'll just go with the people I'd like to make "eloquant conversation" with. And they are Rimula and Lillith lady of the night.

HNN (Hikari): "Eloquant conversation" he says...*snickers* So, I out of the two of them, who would you want to sleep with? Don't worry, you have freedom of the press to answer...

Xapher: Hm....... probably Lillith cause I have known her longer and only met Rim for one night.

HNN (Hikari)What are your goals in life?

Xapher: All that stuff about uniting evil still applies though I hate most of them.

HNN (Hikari): Anything besides that? Marriage for example?

Xapher: Hmm....... I am not the kind of guy that wants to settle down.

HNN (Hikari): So I guess you're gay then?

Xapher: I should hope not. Are you?

HNN (Hikari): Hell no? I'm married for christ sake!

Xapher: Are you sure? I mean if you are then you seem to want an extra marital affair with a cerain demon. Not getting any?

HNN (Hikari): Are you trying to be funny?

Xapher: That's for you to decide.

HNN (Hikari): Do you have any respect for the Eremento-jin?

Xapher: If I didn't I wouldn't be doing this now would I?

HNN (Hikari): *mutters* Do you have any knowledge of the Eremento-jin?

Xapher: Kinda though I don't see them.

HNN (Hikari):We keep in hiding, now before you go Mr. Atone, what do you think of the angelic judgement day before us?

Xapher: Hmmm.......... probably won't happen and will just fizzle out like Adder's campaign.

And that's all from Mr. Atone for now...He was such a great sport to let us interview him. From the offices of HNN, this is Hikari (XFZ Steven Swain) saying, goodnight!
-XFZ Steven Swain
"I still am waiting for Selena for a private interview..."