It was a warm crisp October in Japan. Ryu was siting cross-legged on a firm rock. He pondered the events of his life. The death of his master, the marriage of Ken and Eliza, Bison and Akuma. He fought well and defeated Bison, but what about Akuma. He, in his youth first fought him and won. But now he was never to be seen again. He thought about him again. Akuma, yet evil to the bone was the only reminsisent of Gouken that he ever had still. Yet now after 15 years of mourning and training. It was his 29th birthday tommorow, and he still had not perfected the art. He was in Hokuto's training ground.

"Still here I see..." A voice said.

"Hokuto..Sorry, I'll leave at once.."


"Why do you say that ?"

"I've got a letter from Ken Masters..Here, read it."

"What ?" Ryu grabbed the letter and read it.

"What is it ?"

"I must go at once.." Ryu picked up his duffeled bag and walked.

"Wait," Hokuto said. "We'll go by my father's plane."

"O.K. then" He followed Hokuto to a shack down in the valley. " Hmm. Never seen this in the area before." Ryu questioned.

"It's new here.."She replied.

"I think there's something that your not telling me."Ryu said.

"Trust me.." She said with a sly smile on her face. "Men are so naive.." She thought.



" Have you found our boy yet.."A man with a evil grin on his face. Yes, the lord of the dark, the master of Shadowlaw Bison was stumped. He spent countless days searching for Ryu. To him, it was like he vanished. Bison had the power to sense energy from around the world, but Ryu and some others where special...They could hide it.

"No master.." One of Bison's henchmen replied. Bison's eyes turned red.

"I've had enough of you ignorance.." Bison stormed out of the command center. "Then find the Masters boy again.." With that, he vanished..


Elsewhere, A small home in Japan..

"Where is that girl of mine.." An elderly man thought. "Sakura !"He yelled. Suddenly a young woman burst down the stairs in speed.

"What is it father !" The girl said panting in breath.

"I have a letter for you.." Sakura quickly snached up the letter from her father's hands. "I believe it's from Ken Masters.."

"Ken Masters !" She squealed with glee jumping up and down.

"Who is he ? A boyfriend..Sakura I already told you you're not old enough to date !" Her father yelled.

"Am too..Besides, he's not my boyfriend, but a friend of Ryu."

"Who's Ryu ?" Sakura's eyes started to glow in anger. For all her life she's been talking about him at the dinner table to her father and not to mention all the posters she put up in her room, he still didn't know him.

"RYU !!!" She yelled."How could you ask such a question ?" She opened up the letter.

"What's it say ?" Her father asked. Sakura crumpled up the letter and ran to her room..A few minutes later, Sakura ran back down the stairs and ran out the door.."Sakura !"

"Don'tworrydadgoingtoamericatoseeRyuIhavemoneydon'tworrybye !" Sakura kissed her Father good-bye and ran off down the street.

"That girl.." Sakura's dad mumbled.

****************************End of Part 1****************************

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