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The Masters Residence, a humble home for a family of three. There, resided Ken, his beautiful wife Eliza and their newly born son Mel at three months. Of course this family was one of the richest families in the world, thanks to Ken's father. But still, as they say, family begins at home...Then again, if your home's a mansion like his, that's something else.

"Ken Honey..... Would you get some of our guest some tea ?" Eliza yelled. It was mid-evening and Ryu's birthday was tommorow. The whole plot of bringing past challenges that Ryu had as guests was all her idea. She wanted Ryu to feel welcome when he showed up so what better guests would there be ?

"Can't you send the butler to get them something ?" Replied Ken. "I have my hands full trying to figure what Ryu's going to wear for the party." He whispered in Eliza's ear. "Besides, I don't think he wears anything else at all, besides that gi of his. I even wonder when was the last time he took a bath."

"Ken Masters, you are so mean." She giggled. "I think you should give your friend the respect he deserves. I mean he is the Street Fighting Champion the free world." She said poking Ken in the abdomen. "By the way Ken, when's the last time you worked out ?"

"I thought you said no more fighting." Ken replied.

"I did, but it do not mean that you sit around the house like your lard-ass of a father. Look at him now, he is the house." She hugged Ken. "Oh Ken, when are we going to move out of his roof and live on our own ?"

"Soon baby, soon." Ken replied in a soothing voice.

"It better be soon or me and Mel might want to live with Ryu.." She said sternly.

"Hey.." Ken prodded. "You're kidding right ?" He said noticing the seriousness in her voice.

"Nope, and we're going to have children as well for Mel to play with." She said.

"Auggh!" Ken screamed. Things like this always seem to get to him. He never thought once that she was joking. Ken was dense in that sense. "Calm down Ken," Ken thought. "Ok then, after my father gets back from his business trip, I'll ask him.."

"Great." She smlied. "Now about that tea.."

"Wait a minute.." Ken said. "Where's Mel ?"

"I thought you were holding him.." Eliza replied. "I think I left him with Charles in the foyer."

"Charles ? Charles who?" Ken stammered.

"He's a friend of William." She replied. "I thought you knew them."

"Who the f**k is William !" He yelled.

"A friend of Charles.. And please stop swearing in this house. It will harm the baby's ears." She said. "They're downstairs if you want them." Ken made no waste of time leaving to the foyer. "Charles, William..She can't be cheating on me ?" He thought. "Those Bastards, I'm going to give them a piece of my fist." His anger grew as he almost made his final lap to the foyer. "Die William !" He said as he jumped at two flannel and jeans wearing men.

"Sonic Boom !" A thin blade-like ki blast hit Ken into the nearby sofa in the foyer.

"Cute kid, Masters." Another blond man laughed at him. He was holding Mel. "Dosen't look anything like you though. He must get his looks from his mother."

"I hate you guys.." Ken moaned as he rubbed his head. There standing before him was none other that William Guile and his partner Charles Nash. The two U.S soldiers stood there and laughed at Ken. "Guile, Charlie.. What do I owe you your presence ?" It finally hit him, Charlie was alive. "Ch..Charlie...I..thought..you..were.."

"Dead ? Far from it." He laughed.

"The nerve of you idiots, giving my wife fake names." He yelled. "I thought you were some type of killers."

"Those are our first names ? They're not fake at all." Guile replied. "And killers ? We were invited to a party, nothing more."

"Sure.." He said innocently. "Don't worry, I'll handle this matter..." Suddenly, the doorbell had rung. "I'll get it.." Ken casually walked over to the door. "Nice time for the servants to take a vacation." he thought. The bell pounded louder. "Hold on !"

"No need.." A shapley Indian man fazed in front of the three men.

"Dhalsim.." The three said in awe.

"Why are you here ?" Ken piped up.

"For that of three reasons." Dhasim replied. "First, to make my national dish for the celebration. Second, to give your guest guidance. Third, I come to you with a warning...

*****************End of Part 2********************