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My sound page is lacking something...More sounds. As of Thursday, I will attempt to upload most of my Street Fighter wav files. (Imagine listening to Ryu's theme from all the games..)

Character Sounds


Dragon Punch(Shoryuken)

Hurricane Kick(Tatsumakisenpukyaku)


Denjin Shinpuu Hado-Ken

Ken's Sho-Ryu-Reppa from Street Fighter 3

All sounds came from Faust's Ryu page. None are mine. I am trash compared to this guy. A great lover of Ryu. A man of virtue towards Street Fighter

Still reading ? go to his homepage. before I get angry.

Music from the Street Fighters

Street Fighter 3: Ibuki

Street Fighter 3: Alex

Ken's Theme from MSH VS SF

Ryu's Stage music from SFA2

Street Fighter Movies

Street Fighter EX 2 commercial

Street Fighter EX 2 opening demo

Street Fighter Remixes

Ryu Theme Remixed

Cammy's Theme Remixed

Once again, my gear is not my own. Most (almost all) my gear came from . I must thank him later. Click on the logo to go there.

Done...O.K now go