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Chronicle Lists

Chronicle Zero: The Great Battle Story
A funny title for a story with no actual fighting. Still, it introduces most of the characters in the story.
Chronicle One: Blood Fusion
The First Story on the group and the revealing of the hidden powers.
Chronicle Two: Open Doors
A visit to China in the second story. Nothing much except the first battle between Super Steven and Super Kenneth.
Crossover 1: Ranma XFZ
It's still in draft format
Chronicle 3: Zeobot Fury
The ZeoBot has returned with some help..Zebot Betas One and Two

Other Things XFZ related

Character Profile and Data
What do you want to know about the Fighters themselves.

The Official XFZ Chronicles Homepage

New as of August 1, 1998

Got pretty much mutilated in the hard drive department. Give me at least one week to get back on track. By the way, did you notice that this is the official release of this page? Just checking to see if you know. I better give you a swift little bio on the characters later. If you want to talk to me about this, just sign my guestbook.

New as of June 3, 1998

I just posted this page so I can show you the stories I created from many days of thinking. I've been usually busy typing out and formatting new files for the homepage that I don't have the time to finish my X-Men VS Street Fighter Fan-Fiction Story. Besides that, I've been working on finishing the third part of the Third Chronicle. Of course there's more, but give me time.

This page has been visited to see the XFZ Chronicles in action (still not enough) times. Come on, this is pathetic. How will I ever get as close as G.P.O.W with this support. I know, I'll bash Dan a bit more...*cue evil laugh*